April 15, 2021

A New Era of Leadership

first_imgBy Geraldine Cook/Diálogo June 05, 2017 The Jamaican Defence Force is leading its troops into a new era of professionalism and engagements.Support for youth, interaction with the community, military support for police in the fight against crime, and continued collaboration with regional and international partners are the new strategic visions of the Jamaican Defence Force (JDF). The man behind this new era is Major General Rocky Meade, the Chief of Defence Staff of the JDF, who assumed the role on December 1, 2016. Maj. Gen. Meade spoke to Diálogo about his mission, plans, and challenges as the head of the JDF.Diálogo: What is the JDF’s main focus?Major General Rocky Meade, Chief of Defence Staff of JDF: The main focus of the force is securing the Jamaican people and Jamaica’s national interests. These could be man-made, natural or any other challenges that could negatively impact Jamaicans or their interests.Diálogo: What is the focus of your military efforts?Maj. Gen. Meade: We have concerns about domain awareness, in other words, what is happening in the space around us (in the air or the oceans). Another focus is force development. After having become aware of what is happening, we should have the ability and the capacity to do something about it. That development can include expansion, training, and building of capabilities. Another area is supporting internal security for the police. The fourth area of focus for me as chief is youth engagement, trying to find a way to employ and engage more of our youngsters.Diálogo: You took this position in December. How has your perspective from the JDF changed in the last several months?Maj. Gen. Meade: The biggest thing that has occurred to me, which is known theoretically, but is more obvious when you face them as a leader, is the difficulty of making big changes. As humans and organizations, I think we are naturally resistant to change; most people are concerned about the unknown. When you come in with a big vision to change programs and the structure of the force, it is challenging. For example, right now we don’t have a large presence in western Jamaica [Montego Bay], and I’m trying to change that. It’s unfortunate because Montego is our second largest city and, in fact, it is our tourist capital. I am now taking steps to acquire land and develop a similar capacity in the area.I’m trying to regionalize our force. We recruit mainly in Kingston and St. Andrew and then deploy people all over the island. Sometimes a person is deployed four hours from where he lives and therefore can’t go home regularly. While that’s normal in the military, I think when you are deployed overseas it’s a given but if you are in country, then I think, we can regionalize– people are deployed closer to where they live–, it may be easier. Normally we rotate the battalions around different locations. I am trying to have battalions be residents in sectors of the country that will be their permanent home. I’m trying to do many significant changes. My entire staff and subordinate command are not resistant, but they are just slow in accepting that we are going to do things differently moving forward.Diálogo: How are you thinking of changing those mindsets?Maj. Gen. Meade: I lead by example. Most people have a comfort zone. They’ve been doing something for 10 years, and know how to do it, and are very apprehensive about trying something new. A lot of books have been written about change management because generally change is something that human beings are fearful of. The way I’m approaching this is to lead by example. For example, with the youth engagement program that I want to do, the laws didn’t have a provision for the military to engage the youth in that way. So, I needed to change legislation. All my lawyers were telling me that it takes six months to a year to make the changes. I said, “no.” I wanted to start in the new fiscal year [April]. I had to speak with the prime minister and attorney general and actually went myself to meetings with them and drove the changes. Now the changes are in Parliament after just a few months. When my experts tell me something is not possible and I think it is, instead of just ordering them to do it, I get involved and prove that it can be done.Diálogo: What is your proposal for youth engagement?Maj. Gen. Meade: I have three separate major projects. The first one is that I’m going to create a national military service taking youngsters between 18 to 23 years old and train them to do military service for a year. At the end of the year, if they want to continue in military service, then they may be signed on for the normal regular full-time service. If they don’t like the military, then they can go into other public or private sector jobs as they’ll already have some training. These individuals should be very attractive to the police, correctional services, and even the private sector. Initially the national service for youth will be voluntary, but my hope in the long run is that it will become compulsory. The dilemma at the moment is I don’t have enough budget to take all the youngsters that are coming out of the schools. I’m starting small, with just 1,000 per year, but the long term plan –when there’s enough money– is to make everyone come in. Obviously because they’ll be in national service, they will not participate in armed activities amongst our population.The second project that I’ll be doing is a military technical training program for youngsters. This set of youngsters will not become soldiers. They are going to be civilians who will come into the base to do technical training and get an apprenticeship on the job. When they leave our program, they’ll have a certificate in one of various trades, it could be carpentry, plumbing, electrical works or other technical trades. We may also take youngsters who are high-school dropouts.The third project that I’ll be doing would be for the school children. I’ll be increasing my support of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force to help school children. It is a uniformed organization in the secondary schools, where they get training, discipline and skills. Over the next three to five years I intend to help them increase by 100 percent the number of secondary-school kids who are involved in this uniformed group.Diálogo: You seem pretty motivated when talking about the youth program…Maj. Gen. Meade: Yes, I am. I’m making major progress. The government has a bigger program called LEGS [Learn, Earn, Give and Save], so I have framed my program as part of this to get government funding for my project. I’ve also engaged the business leaders and the private sector, telling them that if I get youngsters off the streets and get them training, they can make better employees and less likely to be gang members. Many business people are coming on board with my ideas. I already have a commitment from one business to support 50 of these youngsters, and I’m trying to see if I can get 500 of them supported by the private sector. There’s a little apprehension, but I’m trying to motivate everyone.Diálogo: How is your relationship with the Jamaican Police Force?Maj. Gen. Meade: It’s been a relationship built up over the years. We have a role to assist the police with internal security matters that go beyond normal community policing. When there is a situation with violent gangs armed with high-powered weapons or extremist activities that are beyond the capabilities of normal policing, we have a mandate to assist them. We have two ways of working together. There’s an ongoing partnership agreement by which we provide a certain amount of support on a daily basis. Then if something special happens, they can request additional support. The relationship has been very good. Obviously we have different customs and different practices, but we’ve found a way to have discussions at the joint command level to make things possible. My intention is that the military will not be in the cities working indefinitely. My hope is that I can lean forward and do more. I want to do a lot more right now, so that we can bring the communities back to normal policing and I can pull the soldiers back in the future.Diálogo: What is your biggest concern in terms of national security?Maj. Gen. Meade: The vulnerability of the youth and their susceptibility to deviant behavior. It’s a broad range too, because deviant behavior can be anything from religious extremism, gang association, illegal activities or dropping out of school. Although we’re fighting the individual crimes that are happening, I think there’s a deep problem with our youth. Many are not attached to work or school or focused sufficiently. Those that are not attached are potential recruits for deviant behavior and may be tempted to become extremist, get involved in transnational crimes, local gangs or scamming. I think if we can tackle that problem sufficiently, we’ll have many long term benefits.Diálogo: What is your main security concern in the Caribbean region?Maj. Gen. Meade: The main regional problem is illegal trafficking of all sorts: human trafficking, contraband such as illegal cigarettes and other goods, weapons, drugs of many types going in both directions –we produce marijuana which is trafficked out– other countries producing cocaine. This is done by multinational syndicates. A secondary problem, but related, is the issue of the potential for extremist behavior in the region. It’s not a huge problem yet but is something we have to be conscious of. The third concern is that we’re in a region that faces natural phenomena, the major ones being hurricanes and earthquakes.Diálogo: How does Jamaica work with neighboring countries to face transnational crime?Maj. Gen. Meade: Information sharing is huge. Another thing we do very well is joint training. Jamaica has a number of schools, very small, nothing as big as the United States, however for our region we are leading in terms of military aviation and maritime training, military command and staff training, and technical trade training. It provides an opportunity for a common understanding, so when we have to work together, we all have similar ideas. Also we have large and small regional exercises and work together helping each other.Diálogo: What kind of cooperation do you have at this time with the United Stated Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)?Maj. Gen. Meade: We have excellent cooperation and a large information sharing program. We get support at all levels of training, for the enlisted, officer candidate school, and on up to the senior level. We get assistance with exercises, conferences, and a lot of engagements that allow us to leverage our mutual support in the region. The partnership with SOUTHCOM is one of genuine friendship. If something is not a part of an agreement or memorandum, and we see a joint problem, we can just talk, and if there are no established protocols, we can figure out a way to work together. That’s a mark of a true partnership.Diálogo: Would you like to add anything else for our readers in the region?Maj. Gen. Meade: I am very fortunate to have inherited a force that is very highly respected. I am going to try to maintain that and increase the confidence of the people of Jamaica and our international partners. I think that the people have confidence in our military and I don’t want any future indications of abuse of our citizens by my troops. I’m not tolerating that at all, as I think having the citizens feeling confident in their armed forces is extremely important.I also want to maintain and build on our good relationships with international partners. Sometimes the relationship with the military can influence the relationship between the states, and that’s very important for me as well. I put a great deal of value on education, and that’s the reason I’m trying to engage the youth. In fact, earlier this year, I launched the Caribbean Journal of Strategic and Security Studies which is intended to be a forum to publish works.last_img read more

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MIT Officer Killed In Campus Shooting

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus police officer was killed Thursday night in an on-campus shooting incident, according to Cambridge Police.“Police, DA Investigating Fatal Shooting of Campus Police Officer In Cambridge” they tweeted just after midnight, followed by: “Our thoughts & prayers are with the officer’s family & our brothers, sisters at the #MIT Police”“An MIT campus police officer responding to a report of a disturbance in the area of Vasser and Main streets was reportedly shot,” Cambridge Police then posted on its website. “According to authorities, the officer was found evidencing multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased. There are no other victims. No arrests have been made. The investigation remains ongoing.”News of the death followed a series of alerts posted on the school’s emergency information website, emergency.mit.edu, Thursday night reporting shots fired on the MIT campus.“Although the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous, an investigation is underway,” reads a 10:48 p.m. posting.An 11:20 p.m. update reads: “Responding agencies continue to investigate active shooter incident…please stay indoors.”“Injuries have been reported,” reads an 11:41 p.m. “shooting incident” update. “The situation is still very active and we ask everyone to stay inside.”A 12:28 a.m. alert reads: “Responding agencies are actively investigating the situation, which remains very fluid at this time. Police continue to sweep the campus. Stay indoors and remain inside until further notice.”According to The Boston Globe, police are conducting a manhunt across the campus and on the Red Line in Cambridge.“The shooter remains at large,” declares a 12:37 a.m. alert on MIT’s emergency information site. “Please REMAIN INDOORS until further notice.”MIT’s homepage simply read: “ALERT: Continue to remain indoors”The shooting comes just three days after three people were killed and nearly 200 injured when dual bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon April 15. The FBI released photos and video of suspects in the bombing Thursday and have asked for the public’s help in identifying them. VIEW THE PHOTOS AND VIDEO HERE.last_img read more

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What’s on your ‘overdraft program’ checklist?

first_img 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Cheryl Lawson Cheryl has more than 30 years of experience in financial operations, consulting, communications, training and project management. She joined JMFA in 2001 and currently serves as the compliance liaison for … Web: www.jmfa.com Details Lists are all the rage. Grocery lists, to-do lists, bucket lists and more. On a larger scale, we use lists to define the “must-haves” for just about anything.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they work for many people.  Proponents state that lists make them more organized, intentional and successful―and list-making provides purpose and structure to help achieve a sought-after result.As problem-solvers in the financial services industry, we agree that having a checklist is always beneficial. Your credit union is bound by order, processes, regulations, and much more. Accordingly, a roadmap of actions can help you serve the needs of your members.  They’ll appreciate a logical approach which can help them understand the value of your products and services.  And more importantly, it will strengthen your account holder relationships.  The same can be said for a successful and fully-disclosed overdraft program. By answering “Yes” to these three items―and getting to “Yes” for any that remain―your credit union’s program can contribute more to your initiatives’ success.  Has complacency led to non-compliance?A stagnant regulatory climate or a prolonged period of inactivity or indecisiveness can lead to lax practices, and even abuse. Having an overdraft program with dynamic limits, or changing the transaction posting order may be strategies you’ve considered. Unfortunately, they may not only potentially lead to excessive fees for members, but your credit union could be at greater risk for deceptive practices.  Conversely, a fully-disclosed approach protects against deception. Fees are established upfront and are well-communicated to avoid any confusion.  Moreover, it discourages your account holders from resorting to higher-priced or even unscrupulous or unregulated alternatives.  Are members well-informed and do they see value in the service?If they have never used an overdraft service, they may not even know it exists. Awareness of the program, its accessibility and convenience requires ongoing nurturing.  Look no further than the countless studies on consumer behavior.  Let’s face it, your account holders often need a gentle reminder about the products and services you offer. By sharing information that speaks to availability, benefits and fees in the most general, but fully-informative terms, account holders are educated so they can make well-informed decisions about their finances. A knowledgeable and helpful staff combined with regular communication breeds overall trust.  Does your program take a short-sighted approach to revenue?Simply raising your overdraft fee is not the solution. While this may lead to a spike in near-term performance, it is often accompanied by account holder resentment or abandonment. Instead, offering a transparent, fully-disclosed overdraft program at a reasonable rate can produce improvements in both revenue and member satisfaction.  Value in the form of reasonably-priced, user-friendly products and services is the better solution.When it comes to evaluating your credit union’s overdraft program, hopefully these “must-haves” will be on your checklist.last_img read more

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Camp Čikat became a member of the elite association of the best camps in Europe

first_imgCamp Čikat from Lošinj was admitted to the Leading Campings of Europe and thus became the 40th member of the elite association of the best camps in Europe, it was announced at the 51st edition of one of the world’s largest tourism fairs, CMT in Stuttgart. Mobile cottages Camp Čikat The fact that there are only 40 camps in Leading Campings in Europe speaks volumes about the demanding criteria that must be met to enter. The European Leading Campings in Europe (LCE) was founded in 1994 by the owners of the best campsites in order to bring the quality of service in the camps to a climax through joint efforts and exchange of experiences. LCE brings together the highest quality European camps whose priorities are top service and staff, continuous improvement of the offer and exceptional environmental awareness. “Entering the very top of European camps is a great recognition, but it also gives us even more motivation and strengthens our efforts to make Camp Čikat better and more beautiful. Being a member of this elite society is a great opportunity to direct additional efforts and investments by which we will present the unique camp Čikat, and the forest of the same name in which it is located, to as many domestic and foreign tourists as possible. “, said Dean Jakovljević, director of Jadranka camps.center_img In addition, the project of the camp “Safe camping in the camp Čikat” was awarded the prize of the famous German car club ADAC for an innovative product in 2019. The project “Safe camping in Camp Čikat”, which was awarded the prize for innovative product in 2019, focuses on sustainable forest management of Camp Čikat. As part of this process, all trees in the camp area were listed and each tree was diagnosed and treated appropriately. In addition, the camp staff plants new trees in the company of guests, and guests can also adopt the tree and thus contribute to the preservation of the forest and their favorite vacation destinations.last_img read more

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Speculate to accumulate

first_imgTo access this article REGISTER NOWWould you like print copies, app and digital replica access too? SUBSCRIBE for as little as £5 per week. Would you like to read more?Register for free to finish this article.Sign up now for the following benefits:Four FREE articles of your choice per monthBreaking news, comment and analysis from industry experts as it happensChoose from our portfolio of email newsletterslast_img

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Market surge in suburbs

first_imgDollar shaped golden key and key hole.ROSSLEA and Balgal Beach led a surge in prices in the Townsville real estate market.According to CoreLogic figures, 25 suburbs recorded an increase in median house prices in the three months to August 2017.Rosslea recorded the biggest increase at 28.9 per cent, followed by Balgal Beach (25.3 per cent) and Nelly Bay (11.1 per cent).All three suburbs have also had a rise in median house prices above 15 per cent during the past 12 months.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020Bushland Beach recorded the lowest increase out of the 25 suburbs at 0.1 per cent.REIQ regional director and owner of Keys & Co Property Damien Keyes said resales of homes at the Fairways estate in Rosslea would have contributed to price rises, while Balgal Beach was starting to attract interest from southern buyers in search of a beachside lifestyle.“It’s that increase in demand from outside of the region that pushes up the broader market,” he said.“It will be interesting to see what comes out of the December quarter because we are seeing a lot of activity.”RE/MAX Townsville director Mark Stevenson said he had noticed a shift in the market.“We’re now taking more properties, including units, to auction,” he said. “That bit of confidence is coming back into the market and it’s on the back of QNI collapsing and there was that whole period where unemployment was pushed up and people were putting their properties on the market and it created an oversupply.”last_img read more

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Mourinho agreed to manage Liverpool before Chelsea hijacked move

first_img Loading… Promoted Content5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical7 Mind-Boggling Facts About Black HolesEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show You9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooBig Actors Who Started Off With A Part In A Soap OperaBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksNo Good Disney Role Models For Boys?7 Facts About Black Holes That Will Blow Your Mind ‘They asked us to wait for 15 days as Houllier was still the Reds’ manager.’ But despite Mourinho appearing to edge closer to the hotseat on Merseyside, Chelsea sensationally pounced to change his mind. Super agent Jorge Mendes is said to have informed the Blues that they may be able to lure Mourinho to Stamford Bridge, and helped the club piece together a more attractive offer. Super agent Jorge Mendes played a role in convincing Chelsea to move in with a higher offer Read Also: EPL clubs committed to finishing season, but no deadline set The Portuguese coach met Abramovich for the first time the evening before Porto’s Champions League semi-final in May. And the deal was finalised after another meeting aboard the billionaire’s luxury yacht in Monaco, just the day after Porto lifted the Champions League trophy. Mourinho infamously clinched three Premier League titles, an FA Cup and three League Cups over his two spells with the top flight giants. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Jose Mourinho agreed to take charge at Liverpool in 2004 before Chelsea hijacked the deal to poach the Champions League-winning manager instead, a new book has claimed. The renowned 57-year-old reportedly agreed to join the Anfield outfit and replace Gerard Houllier, but Roman Abramovich swooped in with a higher offer and convinced Mourinho to move to west London. Jose Mourinho agreed to take charge at Liverpool in 2004 before Chelsea hijacked the deal A new book, ‘Mourinho: Behind the Special One, from the origin to the glory,’ written by French journalist Nicolas Vilas, chronicles the tussle between two of the Premier League’s biggest clubs to snap up the divisive tactician. Liverpool decided to reach out to potential successors to Houllier, who appeared to be floundering in his attempts to guide the club into the top four – although the Frenchman did ultimately secure top-tier European football. However, the club had already compiled a shortlist of potential replacements and Mourinho, then in control of Porto, featured among the candidates. Liverpool reached out to potential successors after struggles under Gerard Houllier Negotiations to snap up Mourinho began in April 2004, according to the book, just before Porto’s Champions League quarter-final showdown with Lyon. Jorge Baidek, Mourinho’s adviser at the time, said: ‘Mourinho should have gone to Liverpool. Rick Parry [then chief executive] was in charge of transfers and we had an agreement.last_img read more

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Tuesday is the deadline for voter registration

first_imgVersailles, In. — Ripley County clerk Ginger Bradford reminds voters that Tuesday, October 9 is the deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming November general election.   If one is not registered, a registration form may be picked up in the Election office of the Clerk’s office in the courthouse annex or online here.Absentee voting begins Wednesday, October 10 in the Election office, courthouse annex at 102 West First North St., Versailles.  You must present a  government-issued photo I.D. such as drivers license.Hours are 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday, also on Saturday, October 27 and Saturday, November 3 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The deadline for absentee or early voting is at noon Monday, November 5. If you have questions, you may contact the election office of the Clerk’s office at 812-689-4783.last_img read more

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Bayern Munich ease past Union Berlin to stay top in Bundesliga restart

first_imgRelatedPosts Club’s server collapses over ticket demand for first Bundesliga game in 11 years Bayern Munich fans undergo Super Cup coronavirus tests Vidal lands in Milan to complete move from Barca to Inter Champions Bayern Munich scored a goal late in each half to beat promoted Union Berlin 2-0 on their return to the Bundesliga on Sunday.The match has come after more than two months out, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has helped to protect their four-point lead at the top. League top goalscorer Robert Lewandowski converted a 40th minute penalty kick and Benjamin Pavard headed in a corner kick in the 80th minute in an empty stadium.The result helped to keep the Bavarians in the driving seat for a record-extending eighth successive league title.They are now on 58 points, with Borussia Dortmund in second place on 54 following their 4-0 demolition of Schalke 04 on Saturday.There are eight match days left in the season.The Bundesliga is the first major sports league in the world to restart amid the pandemic but games are played without fans and with a strict health protocol. Reuters/NAN.Tags: Bayern MunichBenjamin PavardBorussia DortmundBundesligalast_img read more

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Spurs set club record in Premier League after 1-1 draw at West Brom

first_img Press Association But James McClean levelled with his first goal since February and Spurs were indebted to Hugo Lloris for a wonderful reaction stop to deny Jonas Olsson in the second half. The Baggies silenced Harry Kane as the striker was restricted to just one second-half chance which he failed to convert while Saido Berahino – who threatened to strike after Tottenham’s deadline day bids were rejected by West Brom in the summer – was an unused substitute. With Berahino benched for the fourth straight game Salomon Rondon spearheaded the Baggies and he drilled wide after seven minutes. The striker should have done better and Albion paid the price when they were caught out eight minutes later. Toby Alderweireld launched a deep ball from his own half and Alli split Gareth McAuley and Craig Dawson to poke a first-time volley past Boaz Myhill from seven yards. It was a poor goal to concede and Spurs looked to take the sting out of the game without seriously threatening again. There was little suggestion the Baggies would launch a recovery as Rondon diligently toiled for little reward. But they levelled after 39 minutes when a neat move opened Spurs up for McClean’s first goal for the club. Tottenham extended their unbeaten run to 14 games to set a new club record in the Barclays Premier League as they were held 1-1 at West Brom. Spurs have not lost in the league since the opening day and it is now their longest run without defeat in the top flight since a 14-game streak in 1985. Dele Alli enhanced his growing reputation when he volleyed in after 15 minutes in front of watching England boss Roy Hodgson. Stephane Sessegnon linked with Darren Fletcher on the right for the former Manchester United man to burst into the box and cross for McClean who beat Kyle Walker to the ball to thump in a six-yard header. Kane, who had been quiet, almost restored Spurs’ lead three minutes after the restart but he could not bundle in before Erik Lamela headed straight at Myhill. Alli continued to impress but neither side were able to take control of a scruffy game which lacked real quality. Spurs continued to look the most dangerous but the dogged Baggies forced them down dead ends. Myhill claimed Mousa Dembele’s low 25 yard effort after 63 minutes before Lloris was Tottenham’s saviour 10 minutes later. Chris Brunt’s free-kick caused havoc in the Spurs box and it fell to Olsson four yards out and Lloris produced a stunning reflex save to turn his stabbed volley over the bar. It inspired the Baggies and Rondon should have done better than to let Craig Gardner’s cross run in front of him with the goal at his mercy. Spurs lost their composure with Albion galvanised but the Baggies could not find a way through and had to settle for a point. TWEET OF THE MATCH Happy to see @SpursOfficial walk with a point from today’s very grueling game! On to the next! #COYS – Man v. Food host and Spurs fan Adam Richman (@AdamRichman) was pleased to see Tottenham come away with a point. West Brom Boaz Myhill: 6 Craig Dawson: 6 Gareth McAuley: 6 Jonas Olsson: 6 Chris Brunt: 6 Darren Fletcher: 6 Jonny Evans: 6 Stephane Sessegnon: 6 James Morrison: 6 James McClean: 7 Salomon Rondon: 7 Subs: Craig Gardner: 6 Tottenham: Hugo Lloris: 7 Kyle Walker: 6 Toby Alderweireld: 7 Jan Vertonghen: 6 Eric Dier: 6 Mousa Dembele: 6 Erik Lamela: 6 Christian Eriksen: 6 Dele Alli: 7 Harry Kane: 6 Subs: Son Heung-min 6 Clinton N’Jie: 6 STAR MAN Dele Alli: In front of the watching Roy Hodgson the 19-year-old scored his fourth goal of the season and underlined his blossoming reputation. The midfielder took his goal well and offered a presence in the centre with strength and skill. He looks a snip after linking up with Tottenham in the summer following his move from MK Dons. Spurs began to lose their way in the second half but they could rely on Alli to give them an outlet and a way to ease any late pressure. MOMENT OF THE MATCH The Baggies had been undone by a route-one goal from Tottenham but levelled thanks to the best move of the match. There had been little hint of a leveller but James McClean’s first goal for the club handed them a way back. Stephane Sessegnon and Darren Fletcher carved out the chance on the right for Baggies skipper Fletcher to cross for McClean to show more desire than Kyle Walker and head in from six yards. It gave the Baggies a deserved point as they maintained their own unbeaten run. MOAN OF THE MATCH Harry Kane, who had scored nine goals in nine games for club and country leading up to the match, was quiet and failed to convert his only chance. The striker’s scuffed shot from six yards was hacked away by Craig Dawson and his frustrating afternoon was summed up when he was booked for a late challenge on Dawson in the second half. He was well handled by the Baggies defence but it was an off day for the in-form England international. VIEW FROM THE DUGOUT Mauricio Pochettino will be delighted after Spurs extended their unbeaten run in the Barclays Premier League to 14 games. They rode their luck at times and needed Hugo Lloris to produce a world-class save to deny Jonas Olsson in the second half. The Baggies are unbeaten in their last three matches and look set for a mid-table stay this season as Tony Pulis tries to build at The Hawthorns. WHO’S UP NEXT? Liverpool v West Brom (Barclays Premier League, Saturday, December 12) Tottenham v Monaco (Europa League, Thursday, December 10) last_img read more

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