June 16, 2021

Brothers died from gunshot wounds – PM reports

first_imgCorentyne robberyThe post-mortems performed on the bodies of Premchand Samaroo, 45, also called “Tully”, a labourer, and his brother, Harichand Samaroo, 46, called “Davo”, confirmed that both men were shot dead.The men were killed on Old Year’s Night after bandits invaded their Bush Lot, Corentyne, Berbice property. Initially, it was reported that one of the brothers died as a result of the beating he received at the hands of the bandits, but Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh discovered otherwise.The autopsies were performed on the bodies on Thursday at the Fort Wellington Mortuary. It was reported that about 20:30h on the night in question, the two brothers were at their mother’s home with an older cousin, who was visiting from the United States.During the celebration, a loud explosion was heard at the back of the yard, so Premchand Samaroo went to investigate. As he walked from under the house, he was confronted by the armed men and shot to the head. Upon hearing the gunshot, his brother went to check and it was then he was held and beaten by the bandits.The mother of the dead men, Irene Samaroo, told this publication that she collected a torch light and headed to the backyard to look for her sons, since either of them returned, but instead she was accosted by the intruders. She said she realised that two of them were carrying firearms.One went to her and two others went to her cousin, Moonilall Robert Kumar, 71, a US-based Guyanese, who came in the country the previous day for a two-month stay. He said that the third bandit was carrying a cutlass.“One had a gun to me and the other had the cutlass and I tried to remain calm and they told me that they wanted money. He ask me for my wallet and I told him that I don’t have wallet…,” the distraught Kumar related to this newspaper.The bandits also demanded money from Irene Samaroo, claiming that they were not interested in jewellery. After searching the house, the suspects escaped with US$350, just over $60,000 from her cousin and a further $6000 from her pocket.The family reportedly then used the flashlight and went into the backyard in search of the missing men. Premchand’s lifeless body was found lying in a pool of blood. Harichand was found minutes after and placed in a hammock where he asked for some water and indicated that he received injuries to his abdomen. He was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital, where he died while receiving medical attention.last_img read more

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