April 15, 2021

LCD Soundsystem Announces Tropical Destination Event With Awesome Lineup

first_imgWith LCD Soundsystem back in action, it only makes sense that the beloved electronica-influenced band would want to bring their loyal fans to new places. Enter Beach Vibes, the band’s first ever destination event. Taking place at Riviera Maya, MX from January 26-28, 2017, LCD Soundsystem will play for two nights and host fans for three nights of tropical jams.LCD Soundsystem will play two nights, and feature a great lineup of artists for the festival experience. Hot Chip, Run The Jewels, Carl Craig, DJ Harvey, Holy Ghost!, The Black Madonna, Horse Meat Disco, Poolside, Museum of Love, Eric Duncan, Juan Maclean (DJ), Shit Robot, Tim Sweeney, Felix Dickinson, Lovefingers, Heidi Lawden and more TBA will all be performing!Ticket packages go on sale on July 11th, and all information can be found here. Check out the lineup poster below.last_img read more

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Biden Wins Presidency, Ending Four Tumultuous Years Under Trump

first_img– Advertisement – In a sign of how much Mr. Trump alienated traditional Republicans, a number of prominent members of the party endorsed Mr. Biden’s candidacy, including Cindy McCain, the widow of former Senator John McCain; the party’s other two presidential nominees this century, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, declined to endorse Mr. Trump.Yet for all his lofty language about uniting the country, Mr. Biden was a halting candidate who ran a cautious campaign, determined to ensure that the election became a referendum on Mr. Trump. The former vice president fully returned to the campaign trail only around Labor Day, and for weeks he limited his appearances to one state every other day or so. He went west of the Central time zone just once during the general election.- Advertisement – This irked his party’s base but made it difficult for Republicans, from Mr. Trump down the ballot, to portray him as an extremist. Mr. Biden was largely absent from the appeals of G.O.P. candidates, who instead used their advertising to insist that the Democratic Party would be in the hands of more polarizing figures on the left such as Senator Bernie Sanders.Unlike the last two Democrats who defeated incumbents after voters tired of Republican leadership, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Mr. Biden will not arrive in the capital as a youthful outsider. Instead, he will fill out a Democratic leadership triumvirate, which includes Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, of lawmakers who are 70 or older.center_img As he prepares to take the oath, he will return to Washington confronting a daunting set of crises. Mr. Biden will be pressed to swiftly secure and distribute a safe vaccine for the coronavirus, revive an economy that may be in even more dire shape in January than it is now, and address racial justice and policing issues that this year prompted some of the largest protests in American history.And he will do so with a Congress that is far more polarized than the Senate he left over a decade ago, with many Republicans having embraced Mr. Trump’s nativist brand of populism and Democrats increasingly responsive to an energized left. If Mr. Biden cannot bridge that divide as president and elicit some cooperation from the G.O.P., he will face immense pressure from his party’s progressive wing to abandon conciliation for a posture of combat.Mr. Biden has held out hope about working with Republican lawmakers while declining to support his party’s most ambitious goals, like single-payer health care and the Green New Deal; he has resisted structural changes such as adding justices to the Supreme Court.- Advertisement –last_img read more

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DNB: 160 Dutch pension funds must now submit recovery plans

first_imgTwo-thirds of Dutch pension funds will have to submit recovery plans with regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) due to funding shortfalls arising from the new financial assessment framework (nFTK).However, out of the 160 underfunded schemes, only one is likely to apply a rights cut, according to local financial news daily Het Financieele Dagblad (FD).Sacha van Hoogdalem, a partner at pensions adviser Ortec Finance, told the FD: “Under the new regime, the recovery options are that extensive that rights cuts will only be required if a pension fund is financially in very bad shape.”However, Dennis van Ek, an actuary at Mercer who assisted several schemes with their recovery plans, said he did not expect rights discounts anywhere. “Only if a scheme’s coverage ratio has decreased to less than 80% or 90% will cuts be required to recover within the legal period,” he told the FD.Depending on a pension fund’s investment portfolio, the nFTK prescribes a funding of approximately 120%.The new rules allow schemes to even out a shortfall over a 10-year period, which has been extended to 12 years in the current transition phase. And because of the new rules, combined with the effect of low interest rates, pension funds can factor relatively high extra returns into their recovery plans, the FD said.“As a consequence of low interest rates,” it added, “schemes’ liabilities would hardly increase in these prognosis, while they are allowed to draw on future returns on equity of 7%.”Van Ek and Van Hoogdalem said only a few pension funds had based their recovery plans on pension contributions. The FD added that an increasing number of schemes opted for lower premiums than necessary when drawn from interest rates by basing them on expected returns.Both pension advisers said Dutch schemes had been under great pressure – having not only to submit recovery plans before 1 July but also to decide on investment profiles, among other things.last_img read more

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DOT Pushing Towards Record Use Of Salt This Year

first_imgAll the snow and wind we’ve had on the last couple of days is keeping the big orange D-O-T plow trucks on the roads they could end up using a record amount of salt and sand. D-O-T Winter operations administrator, Craig Bargfrede, says the last two days haven’t given them any rest.“If this continues to go — this could be one of our record-setting usage years. Typically through a winter season we average somewhere between 130 and 140-thousand tons on average — and we’ve blown past that,” Bargfrede says. He says the usage could hit some 200-thousand tons or more. He says the high winds have cause a lot of issues.“We’re keeping up as best as possible, it’s sure been a challenge the last couple of days, especially yesterday afternoon when with the winds as hard as they were blowing, A lot of blowing and drifting and ground blizzard conditions,” Bargfrede says. He says the blowing snow can be the worst thing the face.“We actually had some conditions over in eastern Iowa around Cedar Rapids and east of Cedar Rapids where the blowing and drifting caused some roads to close for a period of time,” according to Bargfrede. Bargfrede says snow drifts aren’t the only issue when it’s blowing across roadways.“You get the temperatures just right and then that snow sticks to the pavement and we get that layer of ice that we’ve seen in many parts of the state,” Bargfrede says. The cold temperatures make the salt and brine the trucks put down less effective in dealing with that ice.“It just adds to the challenge of trying to be able to treat that properly and break up that thin ice layer,” Bargfrede says. While they are using a lot of material on the roadways, Bargfrede says their only supply problem is getting through the weather to re-supply the areas that need it.“In some areas things are stretched and we are struggling just a little bit there — but we are not out of material — so rest assured we still have material and options for treating the roadways,” Bargfrede says. The D-O-T has roughly one-thousand full time employees and they try to hire around 600 part-time to work on the snow removal efforts.last_img read more

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