August 1, 2021

Character improving Waterhouse form – Bailey

first_imgWaterhouse head coach, Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey, says his team’s continued march up the table and further away from relegation trouble in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) is mainly down to the zest and determination he has instilled in the side. Waterhouse played to a 0-0 draw with Humble Lion in a bruising RSPL contest at Drewsland on Sunday, and although it was an ugly point, Bailey says this new tough character is what is aiding their climb up the table. “Playing against Humble Lion, you expect a very tactical game, (Donovan) Duckie is a very tactical coach and I think we were very disciplined tactically,” Bailey said. Physical game “But (when) Humble Lion (meets) Waterhouse you expect that (physical game), and that was what it was, a very physical game. “But that is what I believe I have brought to the team. Earlier in the season the team didn’t have that physicality, they didn’t have that aggression, that desire and that is why it (game) looks more physical, because I bring more zest, more determination, self-belief and confidence.” It was a game of few chances, with the best opportunities for both teams coming towards the end, just minutes apart. With less than ten minutes to go, Rodave Murray broke free at the top of the area, with time and space, but dragged his effort wide of the target. Then on the counter, Humble Lion’s Francois Swaby broke down the right and slipped a delightful ball across the six yard box for the onrushing Rohan Richards, who steered his effort wide, although he was under pressure. The result keeps Waterhouse in eighth on 28 points, and although a place in the top four is far-fetched, Bailey is still keeping his eye on a spot in the play-offs. “This put us on 28 (points) and we just keep on elevating, keep on moving up, and that is what is important to us, making sure at the end of the day we are in the Premier League next season. We still have hope of making to the top six, but we still have some work to do in the offensive third, and once we get the hang of that, we will be fine,” he said.last_img read more

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Mack takes second straight NCS title

first_imgThe McKinleyville girls golf team captured it’s second straight North Coast Section Division-II title after recording the lowest team score of any club, Monday afternoon at the Peacock Gap Golf Course in San Rafel.The Panthers took Monday’s NCS championship with a four-person team total of 352 strokes, 29 better than second place St. Patrick St. Vincent (381). For the Panthers, Monday’s NCS title is not only their second straight but also their second in program history.McKinleyville’s Molly …last_img read more

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San Jose Sharks start to see what they can be

first_imgSAN JOSE — The Sharks have talked about the need to play a tighter, more physical brand of hockey since they were walloped in back-to-back games to start the regular season.After following that formula in two of their last three games this month, and seeing what kind of success it can bring, maybe those messages are finally hitting home.The Sharks allowed just 21 shots on net Tuesday, including eight in the first two periods, and snapped a five-game losing streak with a 4-2 win over the …last_img read more

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first_img SharePrint Related2012 Geocaching Block Party Invitation – PresentsJuly 19, 2012In “Community”Geocaching Year in ReviewJanuary 4, 2013In “Française” Presents: The Geocaching Block Party 2011August 26, 2011In “Community” (Click the ‘CC’ button to watch the video with subtitles in: English, German, French, Swedish, and Bulgarian)[vsw id=”cb8nNM9HWPI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]Watch this video to experience the caching excitement of the Geocaching Block Party.  The Mega-Event is held outside the Headquarters each year on International Geocaching Day.  Folks that love geocaching joined the “Lackeys” that run the website. A crowd of more than 2,000 made the journey the log the Block Party on August 18, 2012.Group shot of geocachers at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party (Click on image to watch video)The event challenged adventurers with geocaching courses, delighted children with a pirate play area, and allowed geocachers from more than a dozen countries to meet and swap caching stories. Check out the cache page for even more details: invite you to join us next year for the Geocaching Block Party in Seattle on August 17, 2013.Subscribe to the Official YouTube channel for the latest tips and tricks in geocaching. Watch the more than 100 videos produced by on our video page.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

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6 Great Approaches to Public Speaking

first_imgRelated Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… If you want to be a great public speaker, your preparation has to be more than just blasting gangsta rap and shadow boxing in front of the mirror. Whether you have to videotape yourself speaking, join a presentation club, or rewrite your PowerPoint deck 40 times, it’s important to be able to tell your own story. Few of us are born with the gift of public speaking but with a little preparation we can learn to persuade, sell and inspire. 1. How Not to Suck at a Group Presentation: LA-based investor Mark Suster teaches startup companies how to present on stage with some great suggestions. In addition to excellent points on structure and the importance of practice, he suggests entrepreneurs join Toastmasters or take an acting class to become more comfortable in front of an audience. 2. 10/20/30: Guy Kawasaki wrote the 10/20/30 rule where presenters create a PowerPoint of no more than ten slides, in a 20 minute time frame, with a minimum font size of 30. While Kawasaki’s rules are meant for VC presentations, the fact that each slide has a purpose and covers only key points can carry over to larger presentations. 3. How to Present While People are Twittering: Presentation trainer Olivia Mitchell has a great guest post on Laura Fitton’s Pistachio blog where she teaches presenters to incorporate Twitter and feedback loops into their presentations. Although this adds a layer of complication to the presentation experience, it does have the advantage of offering cues to the speaker in addition to creating a long tail of social media pointing back to your words. You can download Mitchell’s book entitled, “How to present with Twitter (and other backchannels)” here. 4. Uncovering Steve Jobs’ Presentation Secrets: BusinessWeek columnist Carmine Gallo wrote a great article dissecting Steve Jobs’ MacBook Air presentation. What I find interesting about this advice is the fact that Gallo points out that part of the Apple narrative requires a binary opposition or an “us versus them” scenario. Gallo writes “in every classic story, the hero fights the villain.” If you as a startup founder can position yourself as fixing an industry evil or vanquishing a lackluster market leader, then you’re more likely to have a compelling story. 5. The Lessig Method: Upon first arriving in San Francisco I had the pleasure of seeing lawyer and activist Lawrence Lessig speak on copyright and remix culture. In echoing David Hornik’s post, we cannot agree more with the statement that Lessig’s presentations are a “fantastic combination of content, art and brand.” The former Stanford professor weaves a narrative of higher purpose while his staccato imagery injects a freshness into what is often considered dry subject matter. Presentation Zen offers a great breakdown of the many methods inspired by Dr. Lessig’s style. 6. Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces: This may seem like an abstract resource, but reading about archetypes is a great way to learn the components of a great story. It is well-documented that George Lucas’ Star Wars was heaving influenced by Campbell’s work. Luke Skywalker went on an epic journey, was mentored by Obi Wan, overcame Darth Vader and returned with control of the force. Which of your mentors is your Obi Wan? What is your greatest obstacle? And what is the skill or lesson you’ve learned in starting this company? Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… dana oshirocenter_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#NYT#start#StartUp 101#startups 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

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August 2 2002 in camp is being prepared for the i

first_imgAugust 2, 2002 in camp is being prepared forthe installation of a new acrylic cover. Agriculture employee Brett Snyder is loosening thewooden support beams to remove the old membrane that is covering thedrying chambers. [Photo & Text: SA] The construction crewand helpers from various departments are in place and the new cover isslowly unrolled. [Photo & Text: SA] The crew startedright after morning meeting to avoid the temperamental winds whichusually start around noon this time a year. But the wind started early,just couldn’t resist playing with this. [Photo & Text: SA] The crew had theirhands full. [Photo & Text: SA] The cover is inplace. Now it is just a matter of securing it. [Photo & Text: SA] The ends have to berolled in and everyone is making an effort to stretch the plasticmembrane evenly. [Photo & Text: SA] manager Adam Nordfors [with red bandana]is drilling the wooden support beams back into place. [Photo & Text:SA] TheGreenhouse is back on line. [Photo & Text: SA]last_img read more

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