April 15, 2021

Empowering Women at Dell EMC

first_imgFemale empowerment and the importance of diversity at the workplace has for a long time been, and still is a very hot topic across different industries, nonetheless the IT industry. Many IT companies are known to be modern and forward-thinking. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this blogpost to what my workplace, Dell EMC, is doing for that matter and how we are driving the topic of diversity and inclusion forward.In June 2017, I graduated from Stockholm University with a Master´s degree in Business Management. I dreamt about a career in organizational management, focusing specifically on female leadership. Today, I am working as a sales representative at one of the largest IT companies in the world. How did that happen you may ask?It all started when I met people from Dell EMC at a career fair where they introduced me to the graduate sales trainee program that the company runs in the EMEA region. They showcased a company culture that aligned with my own personal values: such as innovation, integrity and teamwork, and I knew that this company would enable me to develop and grow in a way that will allow me to pursue my dreams, within the IT industry.Female empowerment at Dell EMCAt Dell EMC, there are several initiatives to address the topic of female empowerment and to take action towards a better workplace. As a matter of fact, there is a strategy for diversity and inclusion that Dell EMC acts according to. The strategy is based on three steps:creating a workplace that embraces diversity,grow external relations with different organizations and groups in the society,build a diversified workforceIt is a strategy that Dell EMC is working on in order to make sure everyone in the organization is being heard, understood, respected and, not the least, feel comfortable to influence where the company is heading.“enabling women to grow and thrive by creating connections and providing leadership and expertise to deliver on the promise of Dell´s strategy.ShareAs of today, I have been working at Dell EMC for seven months and here are some activities that I have already been able to experience during my graduate year regarding female empowerment at our workplace.Women in Action: Women in Action is an ERG (Employee resource group) at Dell EMC that enable women to grow and thrive by creating connections and providing leadership and expertise to deliver on the promise of Dell´s strategy. This has set an environment for me and other women at the company to have a significant influence on the company and the IT industry.Women at Dell mentor program: This mentor program is an initiative by Women in Action and three additional ERG’s in Sweden who came together to launch a program for both junior and senior women at the workplace. The purpose of this program is to empower women in their career, and with that, raise the number of women hired at the Swedish site. During this program, we have had sessions where we have been able to identify key objectives that enable us to grow and reach our goals with confidence.Each woman that has chosen to attend this program has been assigned a mentor or novice, as was I. My mentor and I have had several meet-ups so far and not only is she supporting me in my everyday work, but also challenging me and thus enabling me to learn more and broaden my perspectives.MARC training session: Dell is the first company in the IT industry to implement the ‘Men Advocating Real Change’ training for its employees. It is an interactive course created by the non-profit, Catalyst, and is designed to engage leaders in creating a more inclusive work environment. This initiative has been embraced by Michael Dell and in Sweden it is lead by our vice president.Driving human progressAs I have mentioned, I am working as a sales representative at one of the largest IT companies in the world, which means that I am now helping organizations to develop and grow by providing them the IT solutions they need and still be able to combine my passion for female empowerment in my everyday work. Working in the IT industry was not at the top of my mind when I imagined a career in organizational management. But the opportunity came to me, I took it, and it turned out to be a perfect way for me to contribute, learn and grow. This is for me a game changer, and I will be right here, a part of making that happen or as Michael Dell would say it: “Driving human progress though IT”. Isn´t that amazing?Are you interested in reading more about the EMEA graduate program? See the articles below: Graduate life at Dell: What I learned during my first months at Dell EMCGraduate life at Dell: Entrepreneurship in a global corporationGraduate life at Dell: An invitation to AmsterdamGraduate life at Dell: My first two months at DELL EMClast_img read more

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Isilon OneFS 8.2.2 New Features, Functionality and Enhancements

first_imgCode currency is a significant initiative at Dell EMC which encourages our customers and partners worldwide to update their systems in order to benefit from the latest enhancements and new features now available for our products. Isilon’s recent release of version 8.2.2 offers an opportunity for customers to migrate from older code versions (7.0 – 8.1.2) to the newest 8.2.2 version now launched. Improvements were made in releases earlier than 8.2 which improved CloudPools and other features. But now with version 8.2.2, customers can begin leveraging all of the advances now ready to assist you in getting the most out of Isilon OneFS and start maximizing your system’s performance today.Upgrading to the latest version of Isilon OneFS allows you to avoid common technical challenges through available fixes and patches, as well as gaining further performance stability, and enhanced protection for your system from security threats. We highly encourage customers to install the latest Roll-up Patches (RUPs), Node Firmware Packages (NFPs), and Drive Support Packages (DSPs) as well, to further enhance performance and resolve known issues regularly.The comprehensive scope of the Isilon OneFS 8.2.2 release includes: Cluster Scaling up to 252 NodesPerformance Statistics for SMBSmartQuotas Improvements including support for 500K and Percentage-Based QuotasSupport for Hadoop Data Encryption (TDE)SyncIQ Encryption for Secure Replication over WAN and other untrusted networksIntroduction of small-file efficiency jobs for defragmenting shadow stores and opening up SFSE to low-write archive workloads beyond healthcare PACSRemoval of flash dependency for WebUICloudPools 2.0CloudIQ MonitoringH5600 in-line Data Reduction and support for in-line Compress and Deduplication on the deep-hybrid H5600 platformLarge File support for 16TB files25GbE support for front-end 25Gb Ethernet ConnectivityNFS Performance Dataset Monitoring and Performance Statistics for NFS ProtocolNDU and Parallel UpgradesIdeally, code currency should be prioritized every 12 months to ensure your product is running the latest product version of Isilon OneFS available. Checking monthly for new RUPs, NFPs, and DSPs and applying updates will ensure you have the latest code levels to provide the highest level of cluster performance and stability. Keeping your Isilon OneFS code current reduces the need for Service Requests and proactively prevents common technical issues now resolved in the latest new product release.It is a best practice while upgrading to adopt the latest code release and apply all applicable RUPs (Roll Up Patches) and firmware packages. If you are ready to upgrade, you can refer to upgrade procedures on our SolVe Online Portal. If you need any assistance, our Dell EMC Service Engineers and Support Account Managers are ready to assist you through our Online Support site and MyService360. Learn more in the Isilon OneFS Contents White Paper.last_img read more

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Baseball gathers behind home plate to honor Hammerin’ Hank

first_imgATLANTA (AP) — Emotions ran high today as baseball came together at Truist Park to honor the life and legacy of Hank Aaron. The one-time home run king and Baseball Hall of Famer died last week at age 86. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, Braves manager Brian Snitker and Hall of Famer Chipper Jones spoke emotionally about Aaron’s humble demeanor and the enormous legacy he leaves behind. Snitker, especially, choked back tears as he remembered Aaron’s affection for those who didn’t possess his unparalleled talent. And Jones credited Aaron with helping persuade the Braves to take him with the No. 1 pick in 1990.last_img read more

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Sierra Leone man on trial in Finland for Liberian war crimes

first_imgHELSINKI (AP) — A trial has started in Finland for a Sierra Leone man charged with committing serious war crimes, including several murders, and crimes against humanity during Liberia’s bloody second civil war from 1999 through 2003. Gibril Massaquoi, who has been living in Finland for more than 10 years, is alleged by Finnish prosecutors to have held a leading position in the Revolutionary United Front, a rebel army in Sierra Leone that was involved in the Liberian civil war in West Africa. The mask-wearing Massaquoi was at the court Wednesday in the southern Finnish city of Tampere. He has denied all the charges.last_img read more

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India has high hopes ties with US will deepen under Biden

first_imgNEW DELHI (AP) — India has high hopes its ties with the United States will deepen under President Joe Biden. He was a key proponent of the 2008 civil nuclear deal between the countries and his administration includes several Indian Americans. The nuclear accord let India get hi-tech gear and technology it wanted and ended India’s isolation after it conducted nuclear tests in 1998 and refused to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. Relations between the world’s two largest democracies are driven in part by their desire to maintain strong ties as a counter to China.last_img read more

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As Trump prosecutor, delegate gets her say on impeachment

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Stacey Plaskett couldn’t cast a vote last month when the House impeached former President Donald Trump. But she can help prosecute him. The non-voting delegate from the Virgin Islands is among the impeachment managers selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to argue the case that Trump incited a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. It’s an extraordinary moment that places Plaskett in the center of just the fourth impeachment trial of an American president. But there will also be a familiar dynamic when Plaskett walks into the Senate chamber, one that she’s experienced before. She’ll be one of the only Black women in the room.last_img read more

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