April 15, 2021

Editorial: What a Smart Energy Transition Must Look Like

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享From the Akron Beacon Journal:Consider that today roughly 70,000 people work in the coal industry while 88,000 work in wind power. Note that Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have plowed $15 billion into wind farms. The coal industry will be affected adversely by the Clean Power Plan of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Yet employment in the industry already has suffered, especially going back to the 1980s, and not because of regulation for the most part.Coal mining has become more efficient, employment levels declining nearly 90 percent since the 1920s, even as production nearly doubled.Add the recent glut of natural gas, driven by new discoveries in this part of the country and the expansion of hydraulic fracturing. Amazon wants to see its storage facilities powered by renewable sources. Other companies have joined in seeking reduced emissions and lower prices, alert to climate change and the company bottom line.Thus, right here in Ohio, you can see the shift, from coal mining to jobs in natural gas and renewable energy. That is how a dynamic economy works, and Hillary Clinton, for all the grief she has taken, outlined what a smart transition must look like.Contrast what Clinton said with the words of Donald Trump during a recent stop in West Virginia: “We’re going to get those miners back to work,” adding: “The miners of West Virginia and Pennsylvania … Ohio and all over are going to start to work again, believe me.” Not in coal mines, short of an economic miracle. The Trump “guarantee,” in its way, reflects what is so discouraging about our political conversation. It is a formula for disappointment, promise big, then fail to deliver.Full item: Why coal faces hard times, and Hillary Clinton deserves better Editorial: What a Smart Energy Transition Must Look Likelast_img read more

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Tariffs slow U.S. solar, but 2019 pickup expected

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:U.S. solar installations fell 15 percent in the third quarter as the Trump administration’s tariffs on overseas-made panels forced developers to put off large projects, according to a report commissioned by the industry’s primary trade group.Current weakness in the utility-scale market, however, will be offset by larger volumes of projects than had been expected over the next five years because solar energy is now cheaper than ever, the report said.Quarterly installations of utility-scale solar were 678 megawatts, the lowest quarter since 2015 and a more than 30 percent decline from a year ago, the report by Wood Mackenzie for the U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association said. The total market, which includes residential and commercial installations, came in at 1.7 gigawatts.Large solar projects for utilities are the most vulnerable to the 30 percent tariffs as panels can account for up to half their costs.Trump announced the levy on all imported solar panels in January, his opening salvo in a trade war aimed at helping U.S. manufacturers rebound from years of decline. Solar installers opposed the move because they rely on cheap imported panels to compete with fossil fuels. Most of the panels installed in the United States are made in Asia by companies including China’s JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd, Canadian Solar Inc, and U.S.-based SunPower Corp.Wood Mackenzie lowered its 2018 utility-scale forecast to 6.6 GW from 6.8 GW as more projects get pushed into 2019. The firm raised its forecasts for 2019 through 2023 by a combined 2.5 GW, however, as utilities procure projects that will qualify for a federal tax credit that begins to phase out in 2020. Developers will start projects next year but delay buying modules until 2020 or later because the tariff drops by 5 percent each year.More: U.S. solar takes hit from Trump tariffs but is cheaper than ever: report Tariffs slow U.S. solar, but 2019 pickup expectedlast_img read more

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Korea sets 42% renewable energy target by 2034

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Korea Herald:Renewable energy will take up nearly 42 percent of South Korea’s power generation capacity by 2034, according to a blueprint for the national energy mix unveiled Tuesday.The final draft of the Ninth Basic Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand for the years 2020-2034, drawn up and released by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, reaffirms President Moon Jae-in’s commitment to move away from nuclear power and toward renewables.While the country’s electricity generation capacity is projected to surge to 185.3 gigawatts by 2034, from 120.5 gigawatts this year, renewables will account for 41.9 percent followed by liquefied natural gas at 31.8 percent and coal at 15.6 percent. Nuclear power is projected to provide 10.4 percent.That represents a major change in the energy mix, which currently depends on coal. Last year, coal, LNG and nuclear power were the mainstay of electricity generation in Korea, contributing 40.4 percent, 25.9 percent and 25.6 percent, respectively. Renewables made up just 6.5 percent of total electricity production.In detail, the plan envisions the shutdown of 30 coal-fired power plants by 2034, which will have reached their operational lifetime limit of 30 years by then. To ensure a stable electricity supply, 24 of the facilities will be turned into liquefied natural gas power plants.To compensate for the smaller numbers of coal-fired plants and nuclear plants, the government will roll out renewable energy generation facilities with a combined capacity of 77.8 gigawatts by 2034, almost quadruple the current 20.1 gigawatts. Though the government’s midterm goal was to increase Korea’s capacity for solar and wind power to 29.9 gigawatts by 2025, the target has been adjusted to 42.7 gigawatts, as President Moon Jae-in’s Green New Deal initiative is expected to add an additional 12.8 gigawatts.[Kim Byung-wook]More: Korea to quadruple renewable power by 2034, downsize nuclear, coal Korea sets 42% renewable energy target by 2034last_img read more

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Gear Review Video: Redington Pursuit Fly Rod

first_imgVideo: Redington Pursuit Review from Summit Publishing on Vimeo.As fly fishing becomes more and more popular, the industry is striving to produce more technically advanced equipment to satisfy their clientele. This produces amazing advancements in rod, reel, and line technology, but it also drives the price of these products up, making the sport unattainable for some enthusiasts and others who want to get into it. The trend is not unusual in the outdoor industry, but makes it hard for fly fishing to shake the pipe smoking, tweed jacket wearing, rich man hobby stereotype.Fortunately, there are some companies that are beginning to move away from higher priced gear by taking the existing technology and packaging it into an affordable option for the intermediate angler. The Redington Pursuit is one such package. The Pursuit is a high quality line of rods and reels that pack a lot of the latest tech into an economic outfit. Rods range from 4 wt to 9 wt in either 4 pc or 2 pc configurations. The rods come ready to fish right out of the box, with graphite rod, aluminum reel, backing, floating line, and leader all in a plastic case. The rods are fast action and the reels are tough and have a large arbor design.This is all great stuff, but the Pursuit really begins to shine when you see the price tag. The entire outfit runs $159 for the 2 pc and $179 for the 4 pc. You also have the option of purchasing the individual parts separately. This is a quality outfit from a respected brand in the fly fishing industry, so there is really no downside here. This is the perfect option for a guide rod, backup rod, or a rod in an unusual size you need, but don’t use all the time. This would also be a great gift for a wife or girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend for that matter) or niece or nephew. Heck, it’s good enough to be my go to.Case in point: I bought a rod similar to this for my girlfriend’s birthday one year. Only three years later after we were married did she reveal that she never liked fly fishing and she only did it to keep me on the hook. Now it’s my backup rod.We tested the 9′ 4 pc 5wt. When I was fishing this outfit I could not tell the difference between it and the more expensive rods in my quiver. That’s about the best testimonial you can have. Check out the video below to see the rod in action on Mossy Creek outside of Bridgwater, Va.last_img read more

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Changing of the Seasons

first_img red fall leaves photo courtesy of Eric Albitz, ericalbitzphotography.com Photo courtesy of Eric Albitz, ericalbitzphotography.comArguably one of the most beautiful times of year, fall is finally upon us. The leaves have begun to adorn their autumn colors, the sun sinks away earlier and earlier each night, and suddenly, the morning air is accompanied with a sweater appropriate chill.What a great time of year to go out and explore, to go to bed early, and to find different ways to stay warm. There is no better feeling to me then staying warm amongst crisp autumn temperatures. It seems impossible during those hot summer memories to cool down, to let your temperature drop, you couldn’t escape the heat. But the fall is different. Add more layers, eat a hearty meal, or get that blood pumping; there is a multitude of ways to stay warm during the fall.Something just feels right about the way long-sleeves fit in October. Walking out to the vibrant orange and yellow atmosphere, feeling the cold not at your skin, but stopped short by added layers. It’s almost like your outsmarting the system, like your fighting a small battle against Mother Nature and coming out victorious. Throw on the forgotten cold-weather cap and you are conqueror of this universe. The reason your room seems so cold in the morning is because you have stayed warm under the covers all night. Fall is here and you are ready.Besides adorning feathered clothing, a different inclination of humans can also be attributed to the dropping temperatures, a natural instinct engraved into our genes; the penchant for body heat. Never in the summer is hanging out in cramped conditions a necessarily joyous event. But come the long nights and cold temperatures of the fall, gatherings of people can be found packed into the kitchen, the family room, and all together in an effort to keep the cold away with a collective warmth.It can be strange at first, stepping outside and not immediately drowning in sweat, the new colors are nearly blinding with their brilliance, and the world you once knew has shed its skin to reveal a new kind of beauty. Unarguably one of the best times of year to go out and explore; fall is the season to stay nice and warm.-BDL fall colorscenter_img fall on the mountain photo courtesy of Eric Albitz, ericalbitzphotography.comlast_img read more

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Weekend Pick: TCS Annapolis Running Classic

first_imgThe TCS Annapolis Running Classic is this Saturday, November 23rd in Maryland. This year marks the 3rd annual half marathon and first ever 10K! The start line is located at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and races begin at 7am sharp. Both courses will have participants running through beautiful and historic downtown Annapolis. Register here, this road race is not to be missed!The entry fee is $95 the half marathon and $80 for the 10K. This comes with an Annapolis Running Classic tee, hat, and medal, as well as a post-race meal and celebration. There are a number of options for packet pick-up. Check here for more details, but keep in mind you can pick up your bib starting at 5am on race day.The race will be timed with B-Tag technology, offering a more streamlined race experience than the traditional chip system. The B-Tag remains on your bib throughout the race unlike the chip, which must be returned. This should make the event run more smoothly.The mission of this event is to raise money for local charities and organizations that have recently had funding cutbacks. Food Link, Seeds 4 Success, and the Chesapeake Bay Trust are a few involved.The Dublin 5 (formerly the Rovers) are headlining the after party. There will be plenty of food and refreshments to go around, including Annapolis’ own, Fordham Brewing.View Larger Maplast_img read more

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Fishing in the Heart of Appalachia

first_imgAmong the pristine waters of the Appalachian Mountains, you’ll find an impressive variety of bountiful fish and stunning scenic backdrops for your angling adventure. Enhance your visit with great kayaking, hiking, ATVing, scenic byways, traditional music and crafts. Come visit our wineries and breweries while enjoying our comfortable lodging and camping.Go Outside And PlayThe Heart of Appalachia region is teeming with great fishing spots which the locals have managed to keep a secret… until now. The pristine waters boast: five State Record catches, an unmatched variety of fish, numerous special regulation streams, and lastly, the World-Famous Clinch River.For more information, check out the Heart Of Appalachia online. last_img read more

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First TV Images of French Reporter Held in Colombia

first_imgBy Dialogo May 30, 2012 The first images of a French journalist held captive for a month by leftist rebels in the Colombian jungle were broadcast on May 28, days before his expected release. In apparent good health, the France 24 reporter Romeo Langlois could be seen smiling in a camp in the jungle in the footage shown on Latin American TV station Telesur. He was captured at the end of April by FARC rebels during an attack on a Colombian army unit he had embedded with to film a counter-drug operation. FARC said at the weekend that they would free Langlois on May 30. “You know what you’re exposed to when you undertake this kind of activity… (but) the truth is I didn’t think it was going to get so big,” Langlois said in the footage, apparently referring to his reporting trip. A French envoy joining a humanitarian mission to pick up Langlois out of the jungle was due to arrive in Bogota on May 28, according to French ambassador Pierre-Jean Vandoorne. The envoy, who has not been identified, will be part of a delegation including the International Committee of the Red Cross and former Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, to receive 35-year-old Langlois on Wednesday. “We just have to hope everything goes well on the day,” Vandoorne said in a statement to radio Caracol, adding that he expected to meet the envoy later that day with other members of the mission after they arrive. Founded in 1964, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is the oldest and largest leftist guerrilla group in the country with some 9,200 fighters. In February, it renounced the practice of kidnappings for ransom.last_img read more

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Navies of Colombia and Brazil Start Joint Exercises

first_img The Navies of Colombia and Brazil started combined exercises including: search and rescue, maritime interdiction, communications, boarding, and other maneuvers in the Caribbean, on October 1, according to a military statement released in Bogotá. By Dialogo October 03, 2012 Operation Cobra performs different international operations with the Colombian Navy to increase the readiness and training of ships and crews. The ship will join the Colombian frigate ARC Caldas in the joint training called Operation Cobra. center_img The Brazilian Navy Ship Greenhalgh, one of the most emblematic and famous ships to have participated in the Atlantic Phase of UNITAS, arrived in the port of Cartagena for the drills. So far this year, there have been similar operations performed with the Netherlands and France.last_img read more

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Colombian Peace Talks to Open without Cease Fire

first_img After half a century of armed conflict, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were scheduled to start a historic peace process on October 15, with a roundtable of negotiations in Norway, although confrontations in their own territory has not ceased. But due to poor weather conditions in Bogotá, delegates from the Colombian government were unable to depart as scheduled, on October 14. By Dialogo October 15, 2012 The Colombian government’s top priority is to put an end to the country’s long-term armed conflict. “In the dialogue with the guerrillas, my government is determined to move forward with prudence, with sensibility, with strength, and without repeating past mistakes,” said Santos during the last UN General Assembly celebrated in New York. The agenda for the conversations includes five points, of which the first will be rural development. The process will also address the involvement of the guerrillas in the production and trafficking of drugs in Colombia. “Guerrillas have realized that it is impossible to win by armed means, and the State has demonstrated its willingness to show a way out to the conflict through political solutions,” María Clemencia Castro, head of the Observatory for Disarmament at Colombia’s National University, told AFP. center_img Delegates from President Juan Manuel Santos’ government and from the FARC were scheduled to meet for the first time in Norway, and then in Cuba. Both countries are guarantors in this process that is unanimously backed by the international community. Since Santos took office in 2010, he has been paving the way for an agreement by means of several mechanisms, such as a law for land restitution and victim reparations, a key point for the FARC, which emerged as an insurgent group from a peasant rebellion in the 1960s. According to a recent survey, over two thirds of the Colombian population is in favor of a solution to the conflict that has caused hundreds of thousands of victims, and cost two points of the GDP annually.last_img read more

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