June 23, 2021

LMH ponders Meat Free Mondays

first_imgA motion has been proposed to LMH JCR to support one day of meat-free meals each week in the canteen.The JCR noted that meat production has had a considerably negative impact on the environment and that canteen menus revolve around meat dishes. Members of the JCR who were in opposition to the motion cited that it could potentially force college staff to also forego a meat option. It was also proposed and discussed that it could be more productive to reduce meat over several days rather than banning meat entirely, which would reduce the overall impact while still maximising choice. Leo McGrath, a member of the LMH JCR, wanted to introduce this modified option as an amendment. The original proposal is set to go to a college-wide referendum.McGrath told Cherwell, “Personally I was pleased with this outcome, at least more so than a JCR vote, as it seems fairer and more democratic. I do however think that it would have been better to make the amendment I wanted, and reduce our environmental impact just as much while maintaining some semblance of choice. I don’t think it should be the place of the JCR to make political ‘statements’ unless the consensus is near unanimous, especially where there is a com-promise available which has less of a negative impact while retaining the environmental aims of the motion. That said, the referendum will be a decent solution.”If the JCR opts to introduce Meat Free Mondays, it will join a number of other Common Rooms, including Wadham SU and Lincoln JCR.last_img

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