June 21, 2021

Social distancing scoreboard: Broome County’s efforts in slowing the spread

first_imgBROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — Social distancing is being touted by health and government officials as the most efficient way to flatten the curve when it comes to the spread of the coronavirus. Unacast is able to update every 12 to 36 hours. Across the country initiatives are in place to help people avoid contact with others, including right here in Broome County. It’s important to note the website tracks human behavior, not the travel path of the virus. But the grades have been fluctuating. Unacast is one resource used by local leaders, helping to evaluate social distancing efforts in a county-by-county breakdown. No matter the scores, Garnar says there’s always work to be done. “They track the movement of people using their cellphone data,” said Garnar. As of Wednesday afternoon, New York state scored a ‘B-‘ while Broome County scored a ‘C.’center_img “The more people just stay at home and stay away from other people, the less it’s going to spread and the more lives are going to be saved,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “The majority of Broome County is doing a great job in staying home. There is a small percentage of people that refuse to follow the social distancing and just a small percentage of people are going to really make the whole community sick,” said Garnar. The website is able to measure social distancing by looking at reductions in distanced traveled within an area. “If there’s one thing people in Broome County can do is strictly follow social distancing, staying home, and that way we can snuff out this thing and it doesn’t spread any more.” To view the ‘Social Distancing Scoreboard,’ click here. It also measures the reduction in visits to non-essential businesses. “Certainly, shutting down the schools was the first part of it. The no unnecessary travel order that I put in is a huge part of it,” said Garnar.last_img

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