June 21, 2021

Fewer crimes in Bacolod, NegOcc amid virus threat

first_imgAccording to Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Pico,BCPO spokesperson, “normal police operations” continue while their personnelare tapped to enforce the general community quarantine in the city. (With PNA/PN) The eight focus crimes include murder,homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, carnapping, and motorcycletheft. NOCPPO reported the volume of eight focuscrimes showed a significant drop from March 16 to 22 compared to the figuresfrom March 9 to 15. Last year, a total of 43 crime incidents werereported during the same period. “While the Philippine National Police isfocused on preventing the spread of Covid-19, law enforcement operations willnot be set aside. We have enough policemen to ensure public safety and peaceand order,” Baleros said. “This resulted in the increase ofpolice-initiated operations by 40 percent, including the implementation ofspecial laws,” he added. Private sectors in Bacolod City began spraying disinfectant along the streets amid the threat of coronavirus disease 2019. Photo by Jasmin Egan BACOLOD City – Criminals, too,seems are sheltering in place amid the coronavirus disease2019(COVID-19) pandemic. Meanwhile, crime volume in Bacolod was recordedat 32 or a decrease of 25.58 percent between March 15 and 21, the first week ofthe curfew implementation, records of Bacolod City Police Office on Mondayshowed. “The downtrend was observed following theimplementation of the closure of borders through Executive Order No. 20-15issued by Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson,” a report of NOCPPO showed. Police authorities in Negros Occidental andthis capital city reported a 20-percent decrease in the volume of crimes afterthe enforcement of general community quarantine and border control as aprecaution against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Incidents resulting from reckless imprudenceor vehicular accidents also decreased by 57 percent as a result of thesignificant decrease in motorists and intensified presence of police officerson the streets enforcing travel restrictions. NOCPPO director, Colonel Romeo Baleros, saidpolice stations in all 12 component cities and 19 municipalities of theprovince conducted intensified police operations despite being at the frontlineof quarantine control points.last_img

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