June 23, 2021

Wrestling community rips WWE’s Jaxson Ryker for tweeting Donald Trump support: ‘Sorry a— motherf—er’

first_imgForgotten no more, indeed.WWE’s Jaxson Ryker tweeted his support for President Donald Trump on Tuesday, just hours after Trump gave a controversial press conference and had peaceful protesters tear-gassed so he could stage a photo opportunity in front of a church in Washington, D.C. Thankful for the @POTUS we have! God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More— Jaxson Ryker (@JaxsonRykerWWE) June 1, 2020Currently, Ryker stars in WWE as a member of the Forgotten Sons stable, a trio of wrestlers with the gimmicks of “forgotten veterans.” Of the three members, Ryker and stable mate Steve Cutler both served in the United States Marine Corps.Needless to say, in today’s WWE landscape where diversity and inclusion is (gradually) increasing, several WWE stars past and present took to the Twitter machine to lend Ryker a piece of their mind. (Warning: Some tweets contain NSFW language.)I’m thankful you posted this because I’m now aware of what you stand for. When black brothers and sisters are crying, you praise someone that refuses to acknowledge their hurt. https://t.co/O4xm5L3Rpl— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) June 2, 2020The freedom you speak of entitles you to speak your mind all you want. I’m not here to argue that. I just really need to tell you that I think you pushing your shitty wrestling catchphrase as all of this is happening is absolutely fucking pathetic.Good night. https://t.co/d34xdOXZr6— Kevin (@FightOwensFight) June 2, 2020I’m just keeping him nameless because he’s a sorry ass motherfucker who I refuse to let ride my coattails. He gets no love from me. He gets no rub from me. And if he would like to discuss it in person we have enough mutual acquaintances that he will be able to find me easily. https://t.co/IW25S376L4— Super Duper Dave Bautista (@DaveBautista) June 2, 2020This braindead milkshake of a tweet reads like you shook your phone and words just fell out randomly.— Ryan Nemeth (@HotYoungBriley) June 2, 2020Someone is gonna take a nice shit in your gear bag….— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) June 2, 2020Shut the fuck [email protected] is a drizzling shit American and so are you for supporting him.— AJKirsch (@AJKirsch) June 2, 2020Literally built on oppression. https://t.co/yi26CWPgz6— Sami Zayn (@SamiZayn) June 2, 2020I get you’re a “bad guy” on tv. And I’m HOPING that’s all this is. Even then, that ain’t it. But if this is actually your true thoughts – I’ll be really sad, man. 😔 https://t.co/9unml5rsiY— Pretty Ricky (@KingRicochet) June 2, 2020We’ve all said it. We’ve RT’d images and articles. We’ve made articulate tweets and posts. If you cannot comprehend how African-Americans are literally fighting for their lives right now, you choose not to get it.Also, built on freedom? https://t.co/rJnI9x8Uda pic.twitter.com/GjtdRM2gHk— Malcolm Bivens (@Malcolmvelli) June 2, 2020Delete this, chief. This ain’t it.Regardless if this is in character or you really think NOW is the right time to post something like this, you should be ashamed. https://t.co/8ge8V0TKZ2— Daily DDT (@FanSidedDDT) June 2, 2020WHAT NOT TO DO: https://t.co/GPDDTYq5VY— 𝕬𝖚𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖊 𝕵𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖊 (@thejamiesenegal) June 2, 2020last_img

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