June 21, 2021

How Novak Djokovic ignored coronavirus concerns to stage the Adria Tour tennis tournament

first_imgNovak Djokovic announced Tuesday morning he and his wife Jelena tested positive for COVID-19 following his organized Adria Tour event.Djokovic was criticized for organizing the event before it started, but the circumstances that unfolded after have drawn even more negative feedback. In case you haven’t been following this story, here’s what to know about the Adria Tour, how it started and when everything went wrong. Over the past few days… pic.twitter.com/NPMVgUS0Ve— Tumaini Carayol (@tumcarayol) June 21, 2020Reaction to Novak Djokovic and the Adria TourSeveral tennis stars and fans had strong reactions to the fallout from the Adria Tour.Prayers up to all the players that have contracted Covid – 19. Don’t @ me for anything I’ve done that has been ‘irresponsible’ or classified as ‘stupidity’ – this takes the cake. https://t.co/lVligELgID— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios) June 23, 2020What a mess. While wishing a speedy recovery to the players, directors of the tournaments on the calendar are racing to stress that Adria Tour was a reckless exception and the sanctioned events will be run much more responsibly….— Jon Wertheim (@jon_wertheim) June 23, 20202020 is so upside down that nick kyrgios is making perfect sense and novak djokovic is doing outrageously silly things— Gaurav Kalra (@gauravkalra75) June 23, 2020Aside from the ‘why go back to Belgrade?’ question, this statement leaves many others unanswered, including:What measures have been taken to support/test the thousands that the event brought together, particularly at close quarters, with no masks or social distancing ? https://t.co/D0CQk3WmhC— The Tennis Podcast (@TennisPodcast) June 23, 2020If anyone had any doubts about social distancing and how important it is, Novak Djokovic, Borna Coric and Grigor Dimitrov have all tested positive for Covid-19 – only a few days after being amongst a huge crowd of people for the Adria Tour in Croatia.— Joe Krishnan (@joekrishnan) June 23, 2020No surprise considering all the close contact with the player group but Djokovic and his wife Jelena have now tested positive for the coronavirus. Djokovic’s Adria Tour came from a good place but good ideas need the right plan & the plan was faulty & out of tune with the times https://t.co/rryUP2HDTm— Christopher Clarey (@christophclarey) June 23, 2020The Adria Tour has been a tragic lesson in rushing the return to normal in sport.Novak Djokovic organised a tennis tournament where adherence to social distancing has been minimal. He and several others, including one player’s pregnant wife, have now tested positive for Covid. https://t.co/ojbeIR9wns— John Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch) June 23, 2020What did Novak Djokovic say about the Adria Tour?Djokovic posted a lengthy statement explaining his coronavirus diagnosis and the events that unfolded at the Adria Tour.”The moment we arrived in Belgrade we went to be tested. My result is positive, just as Jelena’s, while the results of our children are negative.Everything we did in the past month, we did with a pure heart and sincere intentions. Our tournament meant to unite and share a message of solidarity and compassion throughout the region. The Tour has been designed to help both established and up and coming tennis players from South-Eastern Europe to gain access to some competitive tennis while the various tours are on hold due to the COVID-19 situation. It was all born with a philanthropic idea, to direct all raised funds towards people in need and it warmed my heart to see how everybody strongly responded to this.We organized the tournament at the moment when the virus has weakened, believing that the conditions for hosting the Tour had been met. Unfortunately, this virus is still present, and it is a new reality that we are still learning to cope and live with. I am hoping things will ease with time so we can all resume lives the way they were. I am extremely sorry for each individual case of infection. I hope that it will not complicate anyone’s health situation and that everyone will be fine. I will remain in self-isolation for the next 14 days, and repeat the test in five days.”Adria Tour director Djordje Djokovic also provided an additional statement on the event.”We are extremely sorry that we have to stop organizing the upcoming tennis tournaments in Banja Luka and Sarajevo. We were looking forward to promoting sports and providing financial support to local players, as well as to the audience finally seeing Novak Djokovic and other tennis players live, after many years of waiting.Unfortunately, due to all the events that happened in the last few days, we have decided that the most important thing right now is to stabilize the epidemiological situation, as well as for everyone to recover. We thank all the participants from the Tennis Association of Republika Srpska, the city of Sarajevo, all those who worked hard in the previous days to prepare these events.We appreciate that and we are remaining friends, while hoping that we will make our idea happen, as soon as the conditions allow it. … We now remain focused on supporting all those who have been infected with the COVID-19, wishing them to recover as soon as possible.” View this post on Instagram Hi Everyone-I want to reach out and let my fans and friends know that I tested positive back in Monaco for Covid-19. I want to make sure anyone who has been in contact with me during these past days gets tested and takes the necessary precautions. I am so sorry for any harm I might have caused. I am back home now and recovering. Thanks for your support and please stay safe and healthy. GDA post shared by Grigor Dimitrov (@grigordimitrov) on Jun 21, 2020 at 10:36am PDTBorna Coric and Viktor Troick, who also participated in this event, also tested positive for coronavirus.But the positive tests weren’t the only reason this tour was a disaster. Many spectators criticized how lax the event was in regards to public health and safety measure.”The whole world keeps distance and wears masks. And at the Adria they sat shoulder to shoulder without masks, partied and hugged while topless,” Barbara Rittner, the head of German’s women’s tennis, told the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper. Former tennis star Chris Evert responded to photos of people who participated in the event, saying, “I don’t understand. No safe distancing, total physical contact, no face masks, even the fans were without masks. I don’t get it. Not smart. Hope no one else tests positive. Get well Grigor. What was the Adria Tour?The Adria Tour was a charity exhibition tennis tournament organized by Djokovic in Zadar, Croatia with crowds present.Here’s a description from the Tour itself:The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, is gathering together world class tennis players who will present themselves to the audience at the regional Adria Tour event! Organized by Number 1 on the ATP Tour, Adria Tour will be held in cities across the Balkans, with the kick-off tournament to be organized in Belgrade.The Tour announced it sold out its first 1,000 tickets to fans and planned to sell an additional 1,000 while also “respecting the recommended measures of safety and appropriate social distance of at least one meter between spectators.”Why did the Adria Tour fail?The Adria Tour was canceled after Grigor Dimitrov (World No. 19) tested positive for coronavirus.last_img

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