June 25, 2021

1×1 Espanyol: David López and Wu Lei polish the Espanyol de Abelardo

first_imgVictor Gomez: No stridency, but successful in all the balls he touched. He played ahead of Javi López to help him with defensive tasks and signed a meeting that confirms him. It was the first change.David López: He participated in the center of the field and showed that he has returned from the Christmas holidays ready to be a key piece in the struggle for permanence. Well to the cut, in the distribution and also marked. Great head goal.Marc Roca: Abelardo has managed to play the right key to recover his best version. I hope I don’t know about a single day. He was well physically, willing, sacrificed and successful. He put the center in the goal of David Lopez.Melendo: He did not participate as much as he would have liked in the creation of the game, but he showed himself in specific moments and was successful. Well in that darker job that is defensive.Darder: He tempered the game and knew how to speed it up when he played. He tried several orientation changes. He ran, fought and helped his teammates. Full duel and in the second half he had more contact with the ball.Calleri: He barely had scoring chances because when his teammates found him he was excessively thrown into the band, but he signed a hopeful match. He fought and fought with the Barça defender. Good duel and forced the second yellow of De Jong.Vargas: He tried to be vertical and dangerous and attended Wu Lei for 2-2.Iturraspe: He replaced David López in the spinal cord and put temper and marked the line.Wu Lei: In 77 ’he had a good chance to tie and did so in 88’ with a great cross shot. He unleashed the euphoria of the stands. Diego López: He was safe and stopped most of Barcelona’s rush. In the aerial actions it gave a lot of security. He allied himself with stick in the first half before a shot by Luis Suarez, but he could not avoid 1-1 after the break. The 1-2 surprised him. He avoided 1-3. Javi López: His first half was to frame. He perfectly controlled his area and demonstrated a commendable tranquility with the ball at his feet. In the second half he suffered a little more because Alba went more to the attack.Naldo: He was successful in the actions in which he had to go to court and was always predisposed to help his teammates in the first half. Good in aerial actions. In the second half he appeared somewhat cold and was not so blunt. He gave an extra meter to Luis Suarez in the 1-1.Bernard: Exceeded with note the stake against Luis Suarez in the first half. It is true that there were actions in which he danced, as in which the Barca striker threw the stick, but it was correct and gave security. After the break, with Barça more to attack suffered.Dídac Vilà: He gave security and peace of mind in the left wing in the first half. He was successful in actions in which he had to go to court and added himself to the attack. In 1-2 he was surprised by Vidal.last_img

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