June 25, 2021

Pantic: “My big dream is to train Atlético de Madrid”

first_img“Antic called me at home to tell me not to sign anything. I want you to be with me” Philosophy as a technician: “I am not a coach of the Spanish school, nor of the Serbian. I was more inclined to the Dutch. Direct and specific orders, without thinking so much about the system. That is more for the official photo before the game. I care more what happens in the game. “Experience at Atlético B: “The first five days of preseason with Atlético B were the hardest and hardest in my professional life. I met up to 36 players. 29 of the squad and 7 who were on trial. We went up to Los Angeles de San Rafael to train in a campito. And when I say campito it is because it was; it did not have the usual dimensions. There I had to prepare a training for 36 players, almost without space for everyone. To prepare for training in these conditions, I hardly slept the night before “The hardest part of being a coach: “I thought, at first, at least that’s how they told me, that the club would be communicated to the discarded. But no. The sports director did not do that function either. In the end I had to be the one to tell the kids. “Pressure as a technician: “There was also the added pressure because of what people expect from you. I had enjoyed great moments as an Atlético de Madrid player, but if the results weren’t good, it wasn’t going to last long there.”Exit through the back door: “Sign us a great season where a great generation of players got together. There was, for example, Saúl; Manquillo, who has had a great international career. At the end of the season, he had one more year of contract and the club, for things I made the decision not to renew myself. The explanation was that I was not a coach for Segunda B, but for a bigger team. I did not share that argument, but I accepted it without getting angry. “He dreams of training Atlético: “My great dream remains intact: to train Atlético de Madrid. And I am sure that moment will come. I am a very ambitious person who, sooner or later, ends up achieving what he wants.” The Serbian player now narrates, in the first person, to The Coaches’ Voice how his arrival at Atlético was conceived and his first months in the discipline of Atlético. ‘An unfinished story’ It is his story and his dreams, at 53 years old.Radomir Antic: “Our story begins at the Partizan in Belgrade. He was the coach, ‘El Maestro’ as I call him. After a while, he went to the Spanish League, with Zaragoza, and I played Greece, Panionios “Panionios: “Really the season 1994-1995 was being very good for me, perhaps the best in my career as a player: 20 assists and 17 goals. I had one more year of contract with Panionios and the club had the intention of prolonging it. Also I had two offers on the table, one from the Belgian league and one from France. “Antic’s Call: “Antic asked me for a video to see how he was playing at Panionios .. I said to him: ‘Coach, that is going to be very difficult, nobody keeps that kind of thing here.’ One day I met a Greek journalist who worked on TV and I told him to prepare a tape of my four years in Greece. I sent it to Antic. It wasn’t even two days after he called me back to tell me not to sign anything. Now I am negotiating with some teams and I want you to be with me “ Preseason 1995: “I went to Serbia to do the preseason with Panionios. The toughest of my life. We had a Romanian coach, Inre Jemey, who won the European Cup final in Seville with Steaua from Bucharest. It was great, but very hard. We had up to three training sessions in the same day. In the middle of the concentration I found out that Antic had signed for Atlético de Madrid. Names began to appear in the press: Robert Prosinecki, Enzo Scifo … So many more names. But not mine, and I without knowing anything about Antic. “Athletic transfer: “When he returned from the preseason, he contacted me again, with a very clear message: ‘I want to sign you for Atlético. And it will be like this.’ I had one more year of contract with Panionios and I called the president: ‘I know how It is Jesús Gil and everything that is said about him as president of Atlético, but I have to prove it. I think I am worth it for this. “I was curious to know if he really was ready to play at that level. My signing for Atlético de Madrid it was a fate thing, a story you could make a movie about. “ Simeone: “In that team I had Simeone as a roommate. A competitive player to the maximum, always with a winning mentality. That helped us a lot to the rest, and also, the year of the double scored many goals even though it was not his specialty A basic piece within the team At Atlético del doblete we were all Antic collaborators Each of us had to do our job for the good of the group Simeone did his perfect job, and he is doing it now as a coach His results speak for yes alone. “Difficulties to be a coach: “I had prepared very hard for this new step, becoming aware of what I wanted to do even before I stopped playing. However, it was not easy to get the title out. Unlike many other professional players, I could not do the course intensive offered by the Federation. It did not meet the requirements. So I had to go the way that most coaches go. Three years of preparation where I learned a lot about Spanish football. “ “Simeone is doing a perfect job now. Her results speak for themselves.” Milinko Pantic made history in the Atlético de Madrid of the double and it was a personal bet of Radomir Antic. One of the most loved players by the rojiblanca fans, despite the fact that he only wore the elastic mattress three seasons. Before he was a hero of Panionios Greek and world promise from its beginnings in the Partizán. He was coach of the Atlético subsidiary in the 2011-2012 campaign.last_img

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