June 25, 2021

245 million to the market

first_img“In this summer window, exchange operations are predicted. There will not be so much money, so much cash, but there will be more player exchanges.” The phrase, spoken by Josep Maria Bartomeu, is a declaration of intent of what Barça intends when it comes to attacking the transfer market of the 2020-21 season. With the threat of accumulating losses due to the consequences of the health crisis; and with the forecast of being forced to lower its budget that had exceeded 1,000 million euros, Barça’s sports management, led by Eric Abidal and Ramon Planes, will have to do an important exercise in creativity to incorporate new faces. The preferred ones, as it is already public, Neymar and Lautaro.This is where a long list of players comes into play who will become barter this summer at Can Barça. Up to nine are on the list. Its total value, according to the specialized website transfermarkt, is 245.5 million euros. Number one on the list is Ousmane Dembélé. Barça have already thrown in the towel with the Frenchman, and although he will publicly maintain that he has the player, he wants to use it as a bargaining chip. With an estimated loss of six months, Barça is aware that it has lowered its cartel but that specialized websites still give it significant market value. Specifically, 56 million euros. At 22, he is still recoverable with the player, but at Barça he seems to be cursed. Barça already offered Dembélé last year within the Neymar operation, but PSG did not bite the hook. Of course, he will re-enter the proposal by the Brazilian and also the one made by Lautaro to Inter. Philippe Coutinho shares the first position in the transferable ranking at Barça. Although there is speculation that Chelsea or Leicester may make an important offer for the Brazilian, which logically would be accepted with pleasure by the institution, the player on loan at Bayern is also considered in the club as a possible currency. At 27, its market value is also 56 million euros.On a second step, names like Semedo, Junior, Umtiti, Vidal, Rakitic or Braithwaite appear. The Portuguese, with a market value of 32 million, is one of the club’s best assets. Last season it was already intended by Atlético de Madrid before the mattress makers signed Trippier. Barça made it clear that it would not accept offers below 50 million euros, but its price is still high and although Barça has the Portuguese in good regard, he knows that he has Emerson (Betis) in the bedroom. So if necessary, Semedo will also be on Barça’s trade list. Junior’s case is more surprising. He has only been playing for Barça for a year and has a market value of 20 million euros, higher than his initial cost (the Barça club paid 18 million euros plus 12 in variables). However, it is also on the exit ramp. It is one of the paradigmatic examples of the change in philosophy of Barça, which has made it clear that it is no longer a finalist club and that it will treat footballers as merchandise if necessary.Clearer are the cases of Arturo Vidal and Rakitic. The Chilean has been sought by Inter two years ago, but his market value is not high (11 million) and, since his record is high, it would be necessary to see if he would be convinced to enter any exchange operation. It is the same case as that of Rakitic, whose relationship with the directive is very deteriorated (it is only necessary to remember his reflection after the closing of the winter market) and that he will decide his future independently. Its market value is still holding at 20 million euros.Three more cases of players that fall within the profile of hypothetical exchanges. The first is Braithwaite. His signing was an emergency and, despite the fact that Barça signed a long contract (2024) with a very high clause (300 million), it will also be released. There is even speculation with a clause established in his contract in which the Danish agrees to be transferred this summer. None of the parties has confirmed it, but it is a certainty that the Danish, valued at just 9.5 million euros by specialized websites, will also be offered by Barça for possible barter.A different matter is Samuel Umtiti. Improved his problems in the left knee but with a physique that is not yet reliable, nor is it non-transferable at Barça. But that does not mean that it is easy to enter into an operation. Umtiti has a very high profile at Barça and no club in Europe is going to reach those figures. Placing it would not be easy. Its market value is 32 million euros. Finally, Todibo, valued at nine million by traskermarkt, is also on the market. Loaned at Schalke until the end of the season, Barça is looking for a central defender for the next season and the transfer or transfer of Todibo is also on the list of possible operations at Barça. Nine players put by Bartomeu in the showcase. Barter meat.last_img

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