June 23, 2021

Lardín: “Chen will know about football when he is many years old”

first_imgThat is why, he points out, that “those who rule” must always assume their share of responsibility. For example, if you end up confirming the decline (“if LaLiga resumes, we will have trouble saving ourselves“, he predicts). And at the top of the hierarchical pyramid is the president and owner. “Chen (Yansheng) is not a soccer man, he will begin to know when he has been linked to soccer for many years. But he is the owner of the club““Durán will not make budgets contingent on savings”It’s that simple, says Lardín, who estimates that the club “this year has not lived up to it”, when signing in winter what he did not sign in summer, “and many and very valuable days have been lostHowever, he says of the current director of professional football, Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete, than “he will do a very good job for Espanyol if they give him time“And in a very similar line it is expressed about the CEO since last January, José María Durán, with whom he already coincided at the time of Joan Collet in the presidency. “Durán is a soccer man“Unlike Chen,” who knows the dispatches very well and is very well connected. It is not going to make budgets contingent on saving money, but on making a template that saves money by winning games“sentence. “I don’t see myself going back to Espanyol. It’s the reality. As the club is structured, it is impossible that I can return“Direct as usual, Jordi Lardín He expresses himself without detours or circumlocutions when asked about the club where he made his debut in First as a player and of which he was first coordinator of the youth team and later, sports director between 2016 and 2018. “I don’t think my departure was motivated by sports issues“he shoots, in an interview with the Juvenil 1991 for the space ‘La caula perica’. “The team was saved,” he argues, about that dismissal that he accepted as a soccer man but did not understand. “I had a very bad time“He admits. He points out that many attribute Mario Hermoso as his best signing (he reached zero cost and Espanyol ended up receiving 12.5 million from his sale to Atlético de Madrid), but he is especially proud of having shielded youth squads like Marc Roca, Óscar Melendo, Aarón Martín or Marc Navarro. Although the reinforcements could have been more extensive, especially in the summer of 2017: “We speak with Borja Valero, Éver Banega, Albiol, Mariano was walking through the Cornellà box… They are footballers who wanted to come, “says Lardín,” but the club’s financial situation did not allow it. “last_img

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