June 23, 2021

Stop charging fees to fish

first_imgDear Editor,I was employed at the Skeldon Estate until that estate closed in 2017. Life for me and my family has since become very hard and difficult.I am unable to find full-time employment since I lost my job at the estate, and I survive by the few days of work I get occasionally.Life is hard for me and my fellow workers. Since the estate closed, some of us are barely surviving. Because of the situation, we are forced to catch fish in the estate’s conservancy in order to provide for our families, but to do that we have to find $500 to pay the Special Purpose Unit every time we go to fish. This is a sum that for many of us is hard to find, and that is only more punishment for us.I remember that, not too long ago, this matter was reported in the news, and we had hoped that the situation would have changed. But this did not happen, and we have to pay.On behalf of my fellow workers, I am asking the SPU to have a heart and stop charging us to feed our families. We already are punishing very much, and we need every help we can get.Yours faithfully,Anthony CarterEx-Skeldon workerlast_img

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