June 16, 2021

Mon Repos celebrates Arrival Day

first_imgResidents of Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) came out all decked out in their colourful outfits on Sunday as the community partook in its annual activities to observe the 180th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians in Guyana.The event, which commenced in the afternoon hours, saw a huge turnout as many embraced the festivities which emerged from days of planning.Throughout the day, the crowd was entertained by performers who contributed their dances and renditions against a backdrop of splendid spring colours.Many took the opportunity to try a variety of delicacies and most importantly, the prevalent ‘seven curry’, which is known to all Guyanese.Along with the presentations from residents of Mon Repos and its neighbouring communities, the keynote speech of the event was given by executive member of the Indian Arrival Committee, Neaz Subhan, who noted that the residents of the various communities must be commended for their efforts in uplifting the traditions and celebrating the arrival of Indians to Guyana.“This is very important, for it aids in the efforts to ensure that the culture remains embedded. It was in pockets that our foreparents gathered in their quest to do so. It is important in helping to generate or renew interest especially among the younger generation and for them to be exposed and to learn,” he related.Meanwhile, other communities across Guyana were also engaged in their celebrations on Saturday. Residents of Essequibo took the opportunity to traverse the streets in commemoration of this decades-old milestone while displaying the food, clothing, and tools that were brought to Guyana by their ancestors from India.Arrival Day, which is celebrated on May 5, marks the coming of the indentured immigrants to the then British Guiana – East Indians, Portuguese and Chinese, who must be given credit for helping to shape Guyana into a diverse land of many cultures.last_img

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