August 4, 2021

Lee on the chain judgment you are calm

chain has been the focus of the work of Shanghai dragon Er, cheat the chain, the chain of garbage is love Shanghai recently in Shanghai Longfeng against the object, the reason is very highfalutin, purify the Internet environment. Last day in Shanghai Lee the introduction of garbage cheating in the chain connecting standard, causing the industry a discussion. I carefully read the entire "chain" judgment, when I saw the BBS signature is a typical chain of cheating, I no longer calm.

selectively removed

, a link to the appropriate

Er Shanghai dragon has always been in a passive state, in addition to complain about in the forum, micro-blog and the QQ space, we still have to talk about this article from the "chain" in the judgment of access to valuable information, adjust the direction of our future work.


because of fierce competition, many companies have a station group, with the same kind of anchor text of each place Links, make the target station get keywords ranking. The method of optimization has been explicitly included in the Shanghai love cheating, so we are in the process of exchange, we’d better be careful to enter each other site to see whether there is a chain with the name of the company, rather than the IP address of the website. Personally, the website chain link will love Shanghai station group is on the basis of common reference to discrimination.

I think first removed a part of the forum signature no correlation, and then combined with the release of the chain number, used to substitute those links removed, keep on

The Links exchange to be cautiousShanghai dragon The construction of


link and the black chain is always a shortcut to improve the weights of the website, and links to the sale of the black chain is to optimize some main means some grey industry website. I feel love for Shanghai against the sale of links and the black chain, if a website not to do too much, there is no difference. What is the link? In the press release the soft platform with a link count link? A web site selling the two or three link love Shanghai can buy gold webmaster forum distinguished out? To engage in bidding is not single link

BBS signature was included in the link of cheating, is indeed a lot of headaches, what do I want to remove the BBS signature, if removed, will make the site outside the chain of rapid decline, if not removed, may be convicted of cheating on the web link effect.

in the webmaster forum, we can see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in order to sign permission to buy gold signature card, in the forum to post, continue to do the task, in the end who thought, hard to engage in the link not only can bring to the site weight, still faces bring disaster to the site. I think after the webmaster forum activity will be greatly reduced, now webmaster forums are no nutritional posts, access to valuable things inside cannot, if not for the link, I think that the forum will greatly reduce the amount of post on.

three, BBS signature

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