August 1, 2021

How to go beyond the competitors in the Shanghai dragon ranking

every day to see some Adsense complaining and crying, why not your website ranking, why their website as well as others website ranking, and the webmaster will say, I are updated every day, every day in the hair of the chain, but why is not as good as others good website ranking. Yes, you every day in the hair of the chain, but also in the update, which is placed in front of the fact, but you only see their own advantages, to see their own efforts, and do not see the opponent to your site every day in the update is not wrong, and the competitor’s website every day in a new whether you see it. If you want to go beyond the competition ranking, you need to work harder than the competition, in all respects superior to rivals, so it has the possibility of transcendence.

details, when you determine the chain and content are good enough, so the competition is the details, you need to pay attention to all the details of Shanghai Longfeng are summed up, and then carefully check, here are some summary of Shanghai Longfeng details, and some easily overlooked details of your Shanghai dragon. It can be a reference, as a saying goes, the details determine success or failure, if you can in every rival website, your advantage will be revealed. Shanghai dragon design details to many places, including navigation, navigation fonts, page layout, the layout, and even a typo.

the bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

content, the content about the quantity, but also pay attention to quality, look at the number of articles on whether you beyond the competitors, you update daily an article, and the opponent every update three article, your site is a new site, and the family website is the high weight of the old site, according to the update frequency of your operation you will never catch up with the opponent’s ranking, you progress, people are in progress, not only to see their progress. There is the quality problem, even if the quantity you update beyond the opponent, but if you pay attention to the quality, we should pay attention to the nature of things, rather than the surface, if you can not guarantee the quality, update more what is the use of it.

chain, the chain is also a reason, it is necessary to pay attention to quality, we should also pay attention to the number of their first look at how much of the chain, and then look at the quality of the chain’s own website to contrast and competitors, if others are inferior in quality and quantity, just don’t work all baloney, content as well as others, outside the chain as well as others, what makes you good rankings than others. To participate in the competition are very hard, no one is willing to fall behind, but the problem is, if you are doing better than the opponent.

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