August 5, 2021

Love Shanghai new algorithm of fog psychological warfare identification cheating sites

of course love Shanghai cannot use the nobility baby algorithm, but the good thing love Shanghai how can miss Feng Zhiqiang, according to the monitoring data of some industry website shows that the love sea is likely to have been integrated into this concept in the new algorithm is that, when you website ranking flow fluctuation time must be calm there may be, love Shanghai for your site test, do not arbitrarily change, it takes Shanghai dragon Er has enough confidence and ability to predict the operation and technology, of course, if you only know the chain, buy links three Shanghai dragon Er, is likely to see this the adjustment is not calm, from.

The so-called social engineering The reaction of

was originally a page ranking for example is A, the construction of the page itself or after the chain optimization (both of which may be white, can also be black hat), noble baby according to the optimized conditions to calculate the ranking B, but the baby may not directly to the aristocratic rank upgrade from A to B, but is experiencing a transitional period in the transition period, ranking may be:

in the transition period, the noble baby will be head of the detection reaction, to help determine whether the intention of manipulating rankings. For example, the accumulation of spammer keywords, according to the normal algorithm ranking should be increased, but the noble baby to a deliberately negative response, spammer look bad, hurriedly and put the accumulation of keywords deleted. Could not delete delete a good point, but was detected. (of course, may also be deleted or other algorithms to detect).

rather than a science, but an art, social engineering using human weakness, to obey your wishes, satisfy your desire, let some of your methods, taken an art and knowledge.

cannot be expected

in the game of network security, we in addition to technology, but also the ability of training students some anti social engineering attacks, that is to say, usually when hackers to attack targets in addition to technical aspects, now use most is the psychological tactics in the field of security, we will call it: social engineering.

random response

is a delayed response, over a period of time before the rankings, while the nobility had detected the baby optimization

negative response, originally new ranking should be raised, but deliberately decreased ranking nobility baby

cheating in Shanghai dragon and search engine contest also like game between hackers and administrators, technical means can never solve all the problems, so we need to through some unconventional ways to identify cheating, therefore, love Shanghai new algorithm is introduced, some time ago the noble baby published a patent can identify Spammer paralysis Zac, the blog is introduced, probably excerpt:

not too concerned about the website does not usually change, not a ranking changed immediately change the site.

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