July 31, 2021

The industry Web site should be how to determine the frequency of updates


2, located in the Post Bar industryThe data of

Post Bar in reference to have certain limitations, some industries are not suitable for Post Bar reference data, because some industries will brush in advertising related Post Bar, such data have no reference value, for example, we cited above, plastic industry examples. So what kind of industry is suitable for reference Post Bar data? Like targeted users are concentrated Post Bar, such as gardening, cooking, so the industry can refer to the data Post Bar. Take the culinary industry as an example, we can refer to love Shanghai Post Bar in cooking, look at the bar in the daily amount of post. Here is a little attention, rather than the amount of post replies.


we can probably understand to love Shanghai plastic medical industry Q & a daily update number of about 5 to about 8 articles from the graph, then the related industries as the webmaster, every day we just update ten articles about the kind of question and answer it. Another point to note is to view the question of the amount of love Shanghai know not to know the search page, but the page set know answer questions to see the daily amount of keywords.

industry in Shanghai will result in love, the top 20 web sites open, to see how much is the frequency of updates to them, then make an average as our own web site update frequency can be, is not as simple as

search engine program reference answer Update frequency of ?< >

, for example, for example, we are a plastic medical hospital, so we can love Shanghai quiz to refer to every quiz questions in number, according to the website content updates to determine the new problems every day ask the frequency, as shown in the following figure:

if you are a webmaster, so daily site maintenance will have a high content of quality control. However, some owners are the pursuit of the quality of the website, ignoring another website maintenance points, update frequency that is the content on the website.

3, the top 20 industries.We can search for keywords in the

in different industries on the website of the update frequency have different requirements, some industries for website update frequency is very high, such as news, television and entertainment website, novel and timeliness of the day they must update the amount of content to keep the content on the website. On the contrary, some sites do not need a high frequency of updates, such as the enterprise’s official website, this type of site even if not frequent updates, the relevant keywords ranking is still stable, this is the difference between the industry. So how to determine the content of the website in your industry update frequency? In fact, we can learn from the data search engine itself, to solve the problem of industry website update frequency. Today, Beijing Shanghai dragon and everyone together to discuss several methods of determining industry website update frequency.

The amount of post

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