August 3, 2021

Discussion why Shanghai dragon Er always produce waste

to buy something. I am not good at bargaining, so to buy online; the day is uncomfortable, with no need to search out the symptoms, with an uncomfortable body to the hospital to go out hard; do not know how to walk the traffic, or rely on search engines. No exaggeration to say that no search engine, I live inside most things can’t do.

see a lot of the Commissioner of the chain work, to solve the employment problem of short, from a social point of view should be said to be good. For example, many Shanghai medical group, accommodation, salary of about 2000. Although the treatment is very poor, but not for migrant workers can not find work back and helpless.

just yesterday to see a QQ group inside someone made a picture of that noble baby penguin update, India Africa and other regions outside the chain of very large numbers of unemployed members (outside the chain of Europe and the United States are basically outsourced to Yin Fei), and then to denounce the noble baby parade. Of course, the picture is PS, but still feel that so they respond to set people thinking, this is now a big piece of text.

and I have seen a lot of doing it for a very long time the chain work of the "Shanghai dragon", they have accumulated a lot of experience, how to find the chain can send the station, where I is not easy to be deleted and so on, think that these are the real thing.

? )Because these The work of

I love the search engine, although I can use the Internet to play games, movies, chat and so on, still feel that the search engine is anything incomparable, through the search engine, I can get much information. From the network, to things, as long as you love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Wikipedia and other websites that the above search results, often can take the trouble to solve the moment.

(to buy things in front of the case, may be to Taobao, check the symptoms to 39, check the traffic to the map, but even there, or use their search engine. The search engine is used to solve the specific needs.

put his career lies in the opportunistic approach, even if it is very good (of course in the hair of the chain is also not good where to go), but which day it suddenly becomes a bubble when do? But not to love the Shanghai Mansions to Robin Li out.

and send the chain like this, for the initial work, personally should also have certain value. The urgency of the task, the experience can be good, at least for a period of time have also done this kind of work I think so.

, through the chain of hard to undermine the accuracy of the search, which to some extent it is sin "

but from a professional point of view, the source of the chain work, often is the head of a Shanghai dragon years experience, said outside the chain method is the most effective, then a chain of the Commissioner to do not want to follow this argument to do, not

in the end to complete the work, rather than do Shanghai dragon.

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