August 3, 2021

Google panda algorithm 2nd Anniversary offering love Shanghai Scindapsus

February 19, 2013, Shanghai love released so far for the most influential "green" algorithm, but also have a great influence in the domestic Shanghai dragon ring. The impact is still continue to observe in.


panda algorithm was originally called "the farm", mainly for those who use a large number of low quality content to get good rankings of "content farms" website. Then according to the algorithm and a member of the group changed its name to the panda. Different and love Shanghai, noble in the baby is released at the beginning, it is not clear that the website. Noble baby spam for Matt in just talk ambiguously on its blog said: "I think you will understand the effect of the algorithm’s website types.". Indeed, some of the Shanghai Longfeng research company by contrast, soon found clear point of the algorithm.


Searchmetrics (hereinafter referred to as SM) and two Sistrix search engine service companies have the panda algorithm to make a corresponding analysis of website data, respectively lists some affected sites. There are many Chinese webmaster familiar sites, such as EzineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo and other writing station. Of course, the most widely used Demand Media stations, such as ehow etc..

search engine optimization competition, also is the shift. The website is affected by the decline in ranking, also mean the website benefit from a better position. When two years later, the famous Shanghai dragon Engine Land website Search (hereinafter referred to as SEL) and some other Shanghai Longfeng company joint influence on the website at that time by doing a review. In the list of more than 20 sites, most sites still did not return to the original position, of which only two complete recovery.

we can only use "passed away" this four word to describe those scenery unlimited content farms.

The name

February 24, 2011, issued a "noble baby panda", the upgrade algorithm so that the entire Shanghai dragon industry was shocked. And this method is constantly upgrading, has been called "the penguin algorithm".

: a historical review

is from the analysis of the data of these two companies, so many domestic webmaster learned a lot but there is no concern about foreign webmaster and Shanghai dragon ring very famous site. Two years later, these sites in Shanghai dragon baby on the nobility is?

SEL contacted SM, hope the other party for two years ago that a group of sites affected do a re analysis. SM selected 22 sites were compared before and after, given a table below:

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