August 4, 2021

The breadcrumb navigation URL and influence on Shanghai Dragon



breadcrumb navigation category

, breadcrumbs, in the noble baby search results have shown that


breadcrumb navigation not everyone can easily get, the algorithm currently seems very mysterious, but after all testing, found the breadcrumb navigation code in the source code is on the position that there will be a big advantage, will be more likely to be your family accept (this is not the only baby the algorithm is just a test and guess Shanghai dragon ERS)


not specially in the breadcrumb navigation add too many keywords anchor text links

C with a breadcrumb current page attribute based: lists the current page attributes

A based on location: breadcrumb navigation express customer’s current location, and shows the relationship between the current position and the structure of the entire site (can reduce the repetition of key words)

breadcrumb navigationMany people think that

easy to use is more important than ever Shanghai dragon, don’t let each page of the word customer breadcrumb navigation inside the suspect, to make sure that all people can understand, just as everyone knows home is the home page

main > keyword expansion words + > keyword + expansion

add breadcrumb belongs to the site, so they put the anchor text keywords as breadcrumb navigation, as follows:


and search results

bread crumbs navigation and noble baby

breadcrumb navigation optimization




it seems natural, customers seem very convenient, but is not specifically for the Shanghai dragon to do

B based on the path based breadcrumb navigation: the idea of the current position of the process of customers came to visit on the page (can have a variety of ways to access this page), the breadcrumb navigation dynamic, but also a direct relationship between


link to the home page link to the current page directory page

2009 November, noble baby has put the bread crumbs navigation application to the search results (SERP) to the. If breadcrumbs got your site in the search results, then your website will be that the customer is quite reliable, but also can attract more customers.

This is shown in figure


> 1.

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