August 5, 2021

Shanghai dragon how to write articles and send the chain


boss: "you can update how many articles

near the entrance, online examinations began preparations for college entrance examination content integration zero writing "just a few months ago, before any competitors, to carry out the contents of market competition, the news platform and website, only through the historical content arrangement, integration of content and obtain high quality online examination. This way. "Online examination" not only in the early acquisition of rival flow to support the ranking, also has the priority in the post ranking and flow contention.

1, the content of the website, included inadequate, difficult to obtain ranking

What is the

2, real hot combination of enterprise products and services, for the promotion of the website

boss: "your day to send outside the chain

but the general enterprise type of site is not updated frequently, enterprise website updates must be targeted.


website needs to be updated frequently? Not all websites need to update the forums like heavy light operation, optimization. Requires the user to browse and interactivity to web site operators. Information portal, website will continue to publish real-time news.

always sigh down on the luck in regret, but never let go in to do that.

wrote to readers — Shanghai dragon


moral talk of "more is less, less is more". And to do, rather than small and beautiful as well.

? ?"After 2013, Shanghai launched the green

love algorithm, was also a hole, to help him every day I send 120 chain. Is the most shameless unscrupulous Internet companies, in order to give customers the short-term rankings, use chain tools, spread a lot of garbage outside chain. Many websites inexplicable right down, but never reflect on their own mistakes.

Such as the recent

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is a search engine of the anti spam algorithm in sea launched in February 19, 2013. The main algorithm.

many friends told me that, face the boss all Meng Meng Da, "requirements" always has a scholar encounter soldiers, clearly reasoned feeling. The boss general heart are great, but the heart is very small, but also more "assertive", in the face of their unreasonable demands, as vulnerable groups we, in the end how to persuade people like

general station is to update the website content to fill the frame, support the weight of keywords in ranking. But the updated content must be of high quality user demand, judgment is simple: users will search? Whether the user will click? In general, enterprise website reached 100 when you can not often update, update some junk content: No, no, click on the search of low correlation, low quality, it will effect of the weight of the website.



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