July 31, 2021

The core of multi product enterprise website Shanghai Dragon Keywords layout


classification can help us to quickly determine the effect and the difficulty of the key words, I will be divided into: simple core keywords, long tail keywords, popular keywords, add keywords.


enterprise selection is very troublesome, because the vast majority of enterprises in a variety of products, very few enterprises is only one or two products. Therefore, the number of keywords to become one of the layout problem. In addition, in different places, the same product has many different names, alias names, also increase the keyword type. For example, the author is to optimize the corporate website, the name of the high pile machine there is a lot of, stacker is actually a warehouse used in elevator, also called hydraulic machine, stacker, lifting car etc.. This is just a product, there are many kinds of names, words search volume is almost the same, so the choice is too much.

in front of 7, 8 are the bidding website, and then ask, love, the Encyclopedia of Shanghai news, the word science nature of the strong, this situation make the meaning of ranking is obviously not big. Can not win the final sales goal, will have to find another way. By the word love Shanghai related search recommendation, this product can be seen, according to different functions, the evolution of the "electric stacker" "manual stacker" semi electric stacker "full electric stacker" four words, but the actual production of the enterprise is full electric stacker, it would be more accurate to the word as the core keywords, and the competition intensity, independent domain name website rarely.

of long tail keywords: product type enterprise, the product itself is general and long tail "

for such grassroots webmaster, too difficult words, do we know there will be traffic, will have a good effect, but when the rankings do not know how to go, this is the webmaster in keyword selection of confusion — don’t know what kind of keywords is suitable for you the. Select the Shanghai Longfeng level and is closely related to the keywords. Today we share their thoughts on key words in the layout of the grassroots Webmaster:

To determine the

core core keywords, the preferred core products, such as stacker website, "stacker" nature is the core keywords, but they compete to what extent? Search results as below:

2, keywordsKeywords

Keywords Keywords The classification of

layout is the first step in Shanghai Longfeng started, but also the core of our future website promotion effect. On this piece of Shanghai dragon master is discussed you a lot. However, for the master, without considering the keywords competition difficult problems, from the perspective of the user needs to layout keywords, from the size of the flow to the layout of the keywords, ranking is only a matter of time.



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