July 31, 2021

Some conjecture on 1KK movie network will not be included in the page

second, I think the reason not to be included in the website page and content may also related to the quality, because this is the television station the author took over the site, most of the content is collected, there are few pseudo original content, so let alone what high quality original content, in fact, this is very adverse to the web page the spiders are included, because love "fresh taste", we all understand. Then the content of a website has a lot of repetition, I think it’s because of repeated acquisition acquisition to the content of it, this is actually on the search engine is very unfriendly. The advice given here is, every day can update, but the amount must keep up, more original, less duplicate content.


finally I listen to the station’s owners said he rarely for the site to do the construction of the chain, a lot of the chain are inadvertently up to do. As the saying goes "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence is absolutely the truth of the truth. I think, the station on a month long road included recovery or a little did not pick up the chain and also have a great relationship, the role of the chain is to attract the spider, spider is >

good evening, I am a fish, very happy today to express my A5 recent website operators experience, I want to talk about today is their recently took over near a film and television entertainment sites, the main topic is about the love of Shanghai included in the page topic. Well, nonsense not say, on the

this site just on the line less than three months, belongs to the new station, the station said to the line on the website, updated several times, especially in the web page has been included under the condition of large-scale replacement of a template, and after that, the website is temporarily love Shanghai K over a period of time, but is thanks to the efforts of the author and webmaster of the site, in a very short period of time and home may be included, but now the problem is almost 1 months, the website pages page have not been included, although midway several love Shanghai included a few pages, but soon to be deleted. I think this is a lot of webmaster, especially beginners webmaster want to know, so I will be in the following article 11 to analysis and solve.

in the above mentioned in the article the author of this site was once in love with the sea K, and the reason is probably because the site is in the lead replacement templates, K website page has been included in the small scale, so the cause of the current page is not included have been found. Find the problem to find a solution to the problem, the author here and we do almost all, is to wait and see, first update the website content and every once unchanged, outside chain day gradually increased, is certainly a small increase, because too much may be the search engine that is cheating, such as chicken not anti-corrosion one meter, ha ha. I also say a few words here, we recommend the site name and keyword and template set in do stand before these things in the latter part of the site operation is best not to have too big change, otherwise the consequences you know.

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