August 1, 2021

Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only rely on technology and test mentality

1, website construction goal is profit. Now many webmaster in website construction is constantly thinking of how to profit, but we all know that the website profit is not a day for two days to complete, this is a long process, continue to accumulate and successful websites need time and use the user. Many owners have no experience early in the site, so you can not immediately make money, no way to hang all kinds of ads on the site, this method can really get a lot of profit, which in addition to the impact on the user experience, for the development of the site is very unfavorable, but we cannot advocate.

3, the website user experience is not good. When some Adsense website always think of myself as the first element, the management of permissions are set for yourself, so webmaster persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. Do not understand and user interaction, not to listen to the views of users and feedback, so the user will not feel for their attention and respect, so that the loss of customers. This is very harmful to the construction site, at the same time to improve the user experience of the website is very unfavorable.

1. patient, if does not have the patience to do Shanghai, please go back home. Many webmaster think this website optimization, tomorrow will go up, this is not practical.


It is self-evident role

3. concentration, devoted to the study of Shanghai dragon case, is the key.

2. determination, do optimization to spend a lot of energy to do, must need a strong determination to succeed, refuse to be cowed or submit.

This paper consists of: wrong mentality


the correct attitude

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The success of

mentality in website optimization, a good attitude, so that we can better avoid some mistakes in the construction site, for example, to optimize the website today, tomorrow will go up this quick success of this mentality, it is easy to make us get discouraged in not enough optimization objectives, so here to share advice a little mind and given some common mistakes.

2, there is no unified website construction target. When the construction site should have a unified goal, so as to make the owners have a clear direction when engaged in the construction site, know where the direction of the force, but the stationmaster most easily mistake is what no plans for the site, no clear positioning, just by virtue of the website to set and arrange according to their own idea of a cavity blood, then have a new idea, is the site of the temporary setting change, a lot of things change, the search engine will lose confidence in the site, the user will have a bad effect. Therefore, we must have a clear goal, so as to better do website construction work.

therefore, website optimization not only rely on technology, mentality is a very important thing.

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