August 1, 2021

Reflections on the training of Shanghai Longfeng triggered by an article

is about the optimization of environment deterioration in Shanghai dragon, I think this is an obvious to people things, but when it comes to Shanghai dragon training I think we may not know much, today I will combine today to see the contents and the surrounding friends happened to talk about Shanghai and dragon and Phoenix in the training of those tricky.

more than 3 training companies to "employment" that is, they provide jobs are mostly low quality jobs, such as the Commissioner of the chain like, the employment is guaranteed, but no future.

read an article today in A5, is the dragon training market in Shanghai about the dark, looks because they would tremble with fear, want to try a class, thought could be a master, but in the end because of his work can be shelved, now it seems really lucky, but there are a few friends not so lucky, they also encounter and the author says almost, anyway, money can not buy affordable.

2 training companies often loud shouting slogans, but in the case is big, behind all this is the students do not understand, training courses, and did not set the test course, some students can be said to be in a unknowingly be signed by each other that the strength of scare, but can’t get the real thing.

is currently developing the illusion dragon training market in Shanghai:

about the dragon training market in Shanghai chaos is not a day for two days, really want to solve is not easy, but it does not mean that all of the training institutions we don’t believe, as long as we grasp their conversational means to deceive, to reduce the probability of deception is possible.

share price of 1 fine, but the quality is not very different, the general market will be divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced courses, the toll is jumped from 399 to 5999, but behind the huge amount of cash, usually not too obvious technical limitations, is the most method updates and contacts accumulation.

A compared with the teaching content, we must understand what before training is the focus of your study, you can be in training before operation lay the foundation, if you even what is the anchor text links, what all don’t know, then your money is too good to cheat.

each of the 4 Shanghai Longfeng training company has a number of so-called experts, these experts to provide the optimization ideas we obviously questionable.

B not in the imagination, Shanghai dragon training deified, because Shanghai dragon after all is a technology that is not what the success of train, besides the industry needs is the experience and creativity training institutions to you are more basic knowledge, if they are together creating greater value to see your skill, besides the training institutions many times is to provide you with the past successful experience and contacts, if is superb technology > do stand

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