August 5, 2021

The success of the website in a meter away optimization hard to adhere to also win in the stick

maybe this is several times the accidental phenomenon, but in the face of fierce competition, more and more difficult to site optimization has become a fact. Before writing this article, the author conducted keywords partial adjustment to the original ranking good company website. Then bring the website snapshot stalled in some search engine rankings also began to varying degrees of decline. This shows that the search engine is more sensitive than before, an old website has three or four years of age if so, not to mention the new website? It is even more difficult! Indeed, most of the new search engine website evaluation are very carefully, some popular word ranking to spend time and energy is much more than before. However, this does not mean that there is no possibility, in fact, success is not far away in a meter away, site optimization hard to adhere to also win in the stick.

, a website search engine won the recognition of the need for time, so this time how long? Some people think that through the search engine evaluation period, the site slowly included can be sure; some people think that only when the site keywords ranking up to an ideal position, can relax vigilance. The above two views are correct, but I insist that should run through the website design and website operation.

website optimization difficult? Everyone involved in website operation or website optimization of people have different feelings. In the search engine constantly demanding, competitive environment is changing rapidly now, a new web site to get an ideal position in the search engine, is not an easy job to do. In recent months, Google is the first one after another first "Panda" and "Penguin", has introduced a new algorithm to punish excessive site optimization. Just a few days ago, the domestic search engine King love Shanghai also launched an anonymous algorithm, to suppress the excessive optimization and cheating, ranking on the site for a significant update. By optimizing the search engine algorithm to enhance the user experience, to make it more fair to reflect the quality of the site, no ground for blame. The problem is that many sites are affected, the affected site is not only floating on top, there are many webmaster (regardless of whether the site of confidence here or cheating, optimization behavior is radical aside).

won approval search takes time

as mentioned above, a new website is completed, many search engines will not immediately included, even if you take the initiative to submit to the search engine was too. The intent is that the search engine more strictly to the new site assessment, even to the point where harsh. Maybe some web sites, search engines will be included as part of the content, but at least in the rankings will be delayed for several days or even months later will slowly release. In the search engine to the site during the examination, the author thinks that the most need to do is work as usual, constantly update site content, and the reasonable layout of link resources. Similarly, changes in the site keywords or TITLE site title, like the need to adhere to the quiet. The most taboo practices continue to adjust the layout of the site flighty and impetuous, and prolong human assessment time search engine.

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