August 5, 2021

The rapid increase five conversion rate of flow method

we do tend to have two luxury, luxury is a lot of traffic, there is a need to have very high traffic conversion rate, but more people want to achieve the first luxury has been very not easy, but for web site operators, the conversion rate of flow is often more important. Flow, the higher the conversion rate of profit will be higher, otherwise the flow more, bounce rate is too high, it also can not earn much money, here we have to introduce five kinds of methods to improve the conversion rate of

two: let your customers to your website in

! looks very clean! website We do not have to pay

three: the site will be able to bring users to help

five: let your users know how to do

is good, just to be able to break through the user’s psychological defense, the next promotion >


users trust you, it is already pretty good state, this is the traffic conversion rate is very good, to at least 70%, all business activities are based on trust, like the original Taobao, after never trust to the change of trust, Taobao’s profitability is how the powerful, has been fully over the profitability of the Alibaba, visible trust profit is unimaginable!


everyone to your site must first want to get what services, or get what valuable information if you provide your users not what valuable things, then the user is not love on your website, of course, in addition to providing valuable information content, but also need to have a good browsing experience we see, as long as the major gateway station layout most people know that the NetEase Sohu and Sina home good to hear or see, row of dense, see people very uncomfortable, of course we love the webmaster A5 home page to do good, is also very simple,

: let the user know why you choose the

usually your website will provide some services, or provide a product, to attract the majority of users, if your service or product does not have a clear user groups, so publicity over the flow are often not what the conversion rate, so you at the beginning of construction site, to find what you need service the crowd, to provide high quality products and services for them, to let the user know your site must be selected, such as high flow rate of natural

Four steps ahead of

four: let users trust you

from the user’s pocket, but to give users through our website can make money, let the user benefit, is a prerequisite for the success of your website, users will usually use from two aspects, one is able to give them pleasure and experience, one is to provide them with a variety of ways to make money, to help them succeed in a certain industry or professional, users get more help, will have a greater reliance on your website, naturally the most willing to pay

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