July 31, 2021

f love please deep love to the dying Shanghai Dragon Age

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from 贵族宝贝6788.cn, and hope that more Shanghai Longfeng webmaster exchange ideas.


now do Shanghai dragon friends a little experience of all know, now Shanghai dragon is no longer before the form, more rich and powerful enterprises to use for promotion to monopolize the search engine, according to the natural ranking of Shanghai Longfeng introduced a variety of policy constraints, make policy to suppress natural ranking is difficult to have a grade after the upgrade, have introduced policies to suppress more, this is just a beginning, I believe that the webmaster should learn it, now is not only used to do search engine rankings so simple, rather than the Shanghai dragon to do the promotion for the enterprise, rather than in more people to create a search engine to understand this service, then the transition to do promotion bid, can also be seen from here, after Shanghai dragon pressure is from the search engine’s pressure . The end of the chain of the times, also marks the Shanghai dragon era will be gone.

and his colleagues and friends are basically a transfer to other industries, the relative truth now, Shanghai Longfeng golden age has passed, now is not before the kind of simply relying on the chain can get good rankings, but the use of a traditional way of doing network marketing promotion.


do this for long Shanghai Dragon said, has more than 1 years, is happy, is sad, I remember the 6788 China business network I did, because of the weight and other data on, my heart is in full control of my an unsettled state of mind., the mood. That feeling can be used simply to describe the bursting, so repeatedly, weight and, under another, repeatedly tortured very. But still insist on coming. Thank you very much for this experience let me know, life is like this, you have to adhere to is. Now there are several owners in Shanghai Longfeng kept this for

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so many webmaster here is not feeling hopeless? But for me I think you understand it, and love it, so I believe it will have a way to lift the search engine to give the pressure, we can not lack of patience and confidence, not by industry bound thinking is blocked. What industries are terrible. So any time to stick with what you believe in, we can always see the rainbow.

In fact,


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