August 4, 2021

How to break the bottleneck of traditional enterprise sales by Shanghai Longfeng breakout

after some discussion, the author puts forward the breakthrough, if pass textile business sales have performance and gorgeous change, only one way is to join the ranks of network marketing. The core strengths of the traditional enterprise business is the product with their current difficulties, just to find a good platform. On the Internet, but they give them a big scuffle, using their original product knowledge, combined with the Internet sales of products, will be the best they.

traditional enterprises in recent years, with the help of network marketing platform of the Internet, has been huge from a return, especially small and medium enterprises are more prominent, and the dependent degree is more obvious. I engaged in network marketing work, contact many traditional business owners, but also more deeply feel the charm of network marketing.

finally, the author make a website for each one of them, Shanghai dragon or select different platform and different marketing software, and hands to teach them how to use network marketing to protect, to find their own cheese. After two or three months of hard work, now everyone is playing well. On the one hand to solve the problem of company personnel involved, on the other hand, they also find their own stage. And three month performance, have exceeded their original online do.


in this environment, enterprises in the depth of continuous network marketing, also led to the traditional salesman visits to promote the signing of the opportunity to greatly reduce product. Because of the Internet, people can be compared to the full price, so the choice of manufacturers more, bigger choice. When I went to visit a customer, especially with their business personnel communication. The enterprise in 09 years, by the author of the website optimization and other series of means of network marketing, the effect is quite significant. Because of the many local office buyers have made contact with the enterprise through the network. They told the author, indeed encountered a lot of trouble. Office costs continue to increase, the effect is not good, the original office role has become increasingly weakened, so the company decided to withdraw some regional offices.

the Bible saying "it is more blessed", to help others, see the growth of others, sometimes it is really from the heart to feel the kind of joy. Every time in the past, always very enthusiastic, we not only become friends, is a brother. I hope to all in the traditional enterprise personnel can have a little inspiration, dare not say too much, if you can feel a bit from, believe is enough. After all, not everyone is suitable for the same road. Finally I wish all the friends in the struggle on the road, all the way!!


believes that such things will be more happened in every company at present. I was standing on their own perspective, think about whether to use the network marketing way to solve his problems, after all, it is not easy.

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