July 31, 2021

Shanghai dragon of Shanghai dragon ranking skill and keywords deployment strategy

when the user search keywords in the search engine, search engine will first search and search words the most relevant web site to display them from a lot of web database. In general, the higher the correlation, the higher the ranking website. The first step in the Shanghai dragon in the core is a layout of keywords and long tail keywords in the web site.

website weight is a manifestation of the principle of Shanghai Longfeng authority. The website weight refers to the search engine to the site (including web pages) would be given authority value to the website (including web page) > authority

deployment strategy:

keyword layout

we know the work principle of the search engine and the definition of Shanghai dragon, this article, let us work together to learn how to quickly get started. Shanghai dragon.

2, authority principle

Keywords the deployment of The

4) in the layout of key words (keywords natural deployment in the website content page)

links, divided into internal and external link two ways, refers to the internal link from its website within different keywords links, external links refers to the anchor link target site anchor keywords from other sites after deployment. The internal links tend to navigate through the text and the content page keywords link to achieve. External links is usually achieved through the chain Links, blogs and forums. As this paper, to raise the public, business incubator is the anchor keywords to the grape to raise public network.

1, the correlation principle

(long tail keywords: non target keyword search but also can bring flow phrase on the website. If the target site is the grape to raise the public network to raise public business, launched to raise public projects to raise public projects recommended is the long tail keywords)

1) in title, description and keywords tags in the

[Shanghai Longfeng introduction article – Shanghai Longfeng ranked three principles]

2) in the site navigation, column name and the title of the article and other important keywords


when a user searches for a keyword, love Shanghai and noble baby search engine mainly according to the site’s relevance, authoritative and practical three core principles of website ranking. Everyone in the site of Shanghai dragon, as long as these three principles as the optimization criterion, we can obtain the best optimization effect in the shortest time.

3) in the link keywords layout

Title is currently all the influence factors of Shanghai Longfeng ranked one of the most important. In the pages of title in general is integrated into the 1-2 core keywords, if there is a need to repeat the long tail keywords. However, in the process of the deployment of key words, need to pay attention to the user experience, not blindly deployment experience directly harm the user for the website content.

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