July 31, 2021

Single page website how to make Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization

1, single page website to increase the weight of

single page site is only one page, so all of our content and establish links are based on this page and the reverse link all point to the same page, the same domain name, which gives a very high weight website.

then single page website really Nothing is right.? The answer is no, on the contrary, single page website optimization Shanghai dragon, may be more advantage than multi page website


is often used for single page website advertising products, although for most enterprises, in order to increase the appearance and functionality of the website, or in order to do search engine marketing, will use the multi page website. But for some small and medium enterprises, in order to save money or think website diminished exists, or that is in order to facilitate users to browse, will choose to use single page website.

is the keyword layout difficult again. Single page website to layout a lot of keywords, easy to be judged as search engine keyword stuffing, resulting in excessive site optimization.

single page websites are on the same page, the page content is very substantial, the relevance of keywords increases. To search engine, page content and keyword relevance is extremely important, the.

for most of Shanghai dragon Er, the optimization of multi page site optimization is simpler than single page website, because a single page website content is relatively fixed and simple, the station anchor text is impossible, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of optimization.

second, to the station optimization operation. Shanghai Longfeng optimization know, the content and the chain in the importance of Web site optimization, has always been "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So for a single page, has been the lack of content is king of this one.

first, single page flow is difficult. A web traffic constitutes the content page contribute a lot to the single page website to the layout of long tail keywords too much, so it will waste a lot of traffic.


can not be denied that the single page site in the promotion of SEM, is not recommended, the page is too simple, causing the user experience is not good, and jump out rate of 100%, which is not conducive to the optimization analysis. Similarly, in Shanghai Longfeng single page website optimization optimization, there are a lot of drawbacks.

is the last bounce rate problem. Single page site out rate is 100%, with the search engine algorithm to adjust the user behavior, in an increasing proportion of the larger the algorithm, high rate jumped out of the site from the side reflects the user does not recognize the content on the site, then in the ranking algorithm, single page website is not access this part of the weighted.

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