August 5, 2021

Why do you love Shanghai in the mobile terminal and the terminal computer search results

mobile phone to read the novel is everyone’s hobby, so most of the novel website support mobile phone search, mobile phone page, but some enterprise site, other sites do not necessarily support the mobile phone ". Love will lead Shanghai search results in a mobile phone terminal and computer terminal sequence.

: three different mobile phone search and computer search algorithm love Shanghai regional search

we give an example, such as "Shanghai Dragon Technology Training of the key words, we do love him ranked first in Shanghai, Henan in search of words may be the first in Shandong, but the search, may some sites in Shandong will be in the front row, the adjustment of some algorithms for this is the love in the Shanghai region.

through this several point of view, some enterprises stand in Shanghai do need to promote the Dragon when mobile phone end users also pay attention to it, because the data analysis of March 2013 mobile Internet length more than PC per capita end 29%, visible mobile terminal customers is important to promote business. Dengfeng real estate network 贵族宝贝homedf贵族宝贝/ please keep original, thank you.


why love Shanghai mobile phone search and computer search rankings are not the same in this situation? I summarize several.

: love Shanghai search database

We know that the

so many cases included in the web page, I think Shanghai will open a specialized search database for mobile phone or computer, and the public should search a database. Just from the search to determine the end use different algorithms to show the arrangement of the results.

four: some web sites do not support mobile phone

because the new weight is low, so as the new head of me, to eat, when you go out in the mobile phone search keywords with my website, a new wow, a month of love Shanghai ranked second, more than a big surprise, I just think of real estate there will be many users with mobile phone search, most of the real estate web users from computer search, so hurry home computer check. I found the search keywords from the computer, or the second page ninth. Obviously, the love of Shanghai in the mobile phone search engine ranking and computer search rankings are not the same.

commonly used mobile phone Internet students know, mobile phone search results is the biggest characteristic of the page is simple, concise and comprehensive, so Shanghai will love the use of different algorithms, let the computer search results more comprehensive and detailed, let mobile phone search results more simple and clear, so according to the properties of Web pages, search on the computer the mobile phone and the result is different.

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