July 31, 2021

Create a strategy for the construction site of the internal links

The safety of the construction form of link

I still think that Google has the PageRank algorithm attribution own authority and measurement of trust in Google, if not this, then feedback to some subroutine ranking algorithm. Considering this point is very important, not only is your brand ", but in your entire web site login page links.

link layout

The correlation between

content and quality of

how to link the position of some opinion, in early 2010, I suggested the footer link still have a certain value, because placed in the footer and side sidebar may even cause more harm than good can let you be keyword filtering.

Nofollow property

keyword anchor text

create a solid strategy should be the starting point for any link building activities, is not in the current environment is running into the minefield, which limits the success of your life! No matter before making any strategy, you need to ask yourself the following questions, such as: "/p>

landing page distribution

two years ago, how should I nofollow links for each site, and have a good combination, and it is still true that I had been asked many times, the proportion is how to work when I use a link activity.

brand link

is obtained from the content link, if you can get the content of the first section is inserted into the keyword link even better, but remember to keep the natural law.

the fact is that there is no figure, but I can give you what you can do, the average home court is nofollow against the dofollow ratio of the top ranking websites, ignore spam, and in so doing, because these sites will eventually number expansion.

with non natural link detection of Google to get better and better to punish the low quality of the content, I can’t emphasize not only the content generation effort is very important, but the quality of the content before the inspection of existing published articles on the website. The last thing you want is you just for an hour or so after the written punishment after there is no >

over the years, every Shanghai dragon has established a fair share of the link anchor text rich, sadly, this is not a viable strategy, because Google launched the automated keyword screening should be more so. Anchor text configuration files by spam or even manual review team.

The The

in the stage of establishing strategy, ensure that you become weighted clear volume settings for each landing page for a specific part of the website will not, this may be a difficult problem to ensure. If you are worried about the volume of the link to the page, is the best choice for each region to create additional support page, and use them to spread out the load.

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