August 4, 2021

Wang Shifan Shoubashoujiao novice Shanghai dragon how to pick a single money


recently, Wang Shifan put on three stations all do the top three keywords, basically to the maintenance stage. More and more time free, want to pick some list to do, to improve their level, also earn a little money. However, in the business without friends, no one to find Wang Shifan advice on site optimization issues, not to mention the order. While waiting for orders, while the new orders summed up skills. I hope this article can give the novice friends to help

a lot of Shanghai dragon industry friends, is love do local + Shanghai Longfeng this kind of words, I do not know if this word can bring benefits or orders docking, Wang Shifan proposed new friends from the customer’s point of view, to set a good website keywords, this will bring benefits to increase the order quantity. Now many small businesses do not know Shanghai dragon, we can use the "Hefei website promotion", "Hefei network promotion" instead of "Hefei Shanghai dragon", I believe that the effect is much better. Also, as much as possible as keywords to the home page

each Shanghai dragon friends should have their own Shanghai dragon blog or website, on the one hand to sum up their experience and lessons of Shanghai dragon, on the other hand, is a platform for customer reception. So, I hope every novice friends, must have one of their own Shanghai dragon blog, does not need gorgeous, but need to insist, insist, insist!

: speaking of taobao贵族宝贝 taobao贵族宝贝, I believe that many of my friends it’s hard to imagine! Taobao贵族宝贝 can take one? Is not to open a shop and orders? That is not too much trouble? In fact, open a shop orders, really in trouble, but is a permanent solution. If you want to quickly orders, then go to the combination! There are many service providers on the Taobao website, you can talk to them and cooperation things, once the enterprise customers need to optimize the website, through them, to your orders, and then give them commission, this is a good way to dig there is! The corner, Taobao also has a lot of friends to the shop for the list, you can go to the evaluation area to find those poor customers contact them and introduce our Shanghai dragon service, it will also bring a certain order.

: more and more Witkey Witkey platform, known by the enterprise, there is naturally a lot of Companies in the world "

classified information network: we believe that whether the chain or orders, will think of the network information classification. We usually can edit an article, then released to all classified information online, not only to do the role of the chain for our own platform, also very good to promote the Shanghai dragon service. A friend of Wang Shifan, is through the classified information network, basically every month can get two single. This is 10 minutes a day will be able to do so, Why not??

two, with the help of others to pick a single platform.


, Shanghai to build their own platform Longfeng orders.

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