August 5, 2021

2013 medical website optimization decide on what path to follow

: the station optimization

1, website keyword: first page keywords, column page the article page keywords and keyword, all these need to be adjusted in front of all, because if you are on-line, love Shanghai included, too much if you change the title keyword, love Shanghai will think the site is not friendly, not the rule, which does not give good ranking.

3, website: because the user is entering our website we through a site link, if the user for 20 seconds are also can not see the content of the website, the user can easily open the drain, the speed is mainly affected by several factors: the web server and web page loading.

optimization keyword ranking is not what we think is so simple, because now love Shanghai constantly updated ranking algorithm, for our medical hit the most stringent, so the medical website optimization is the most difficult, because there are so few: 1, Shanghai love think we medical website user experience is not good, the quality is too low, too optimization. 2, love Shanghai in order to make more money to do the bidding of medical companies, only the optimization of these companies all pull out. 3, the medical industry is a sensitive industry, vulnerable to policy restrictions.


2, website layout: This is also very important, because it directly determines the user experience and website bounce rate, a simple and clear layout allows users to quickly find what you want, so that we can improve the user experience, so as to reduce the rate of jump out.

Open the speed of keyword ranking?In fact,

let us to comb the entire medical website optimization process: with search keywords came to our website — and then enter the home page into the inside pages and the article page — and then to the hospital consultation appointment process although many, but we can be responsible for the optimization is how to make our keyword have good rankings, so that more users visit our site, resulting in consultation, so we optimize keyword ranking into the core of things. So how do we do the

but we really can not do? In fact, because we can choose the right way to go, like Shanghai will not make things difficult for us, then the optimization way what is correct?

believe that many webmaster will do the medical industry to realize, 2012 is our most troublesome year, love Shanghai in the year of our big hit, so many owners have lost confidence, everyone thinks that medical website optimization is dead, but is it really? How can we cope with the new 2013 ranking changes Shanghai love

the Internet every day will take tens of thousands of sites, these sites have very good, some is rubbish. Slowly into the Internet, will bring great interference to the ranking of Shanghai love calculation, so love will be very early to Shanghai injection station, because the very easy to judge the merits of a site, so our focus is: the website must do all the work before the line, the specific work is as follows:

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