August 4, 2021

Cause analysis and solution on the site right down to love Shanghai

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finally say when the site is down right after how should we do? "

many webmaster blindly care about the site’s profit, but in order to achieve the site of sustained profitability, then the security of the site is very important, is the basis of long-term operation of the site, but now many sites have this or that vulnerability, which makes a lot of Trojan or non advertising method can take advantage of the machine, if on your website is hung on the black links, so these sites once loved Shanghai know, so will soon be right down, so for these flaws must be timely repair, often to check whether there are loopholes in the website program, if there will be a timely supplement on

two: is not the existence of excessive optimization


this is the case, must immediately stop the cheating, will be carried out in accordance with the new site to do, do regular station, otherwise your website will never

if there was any revision of the things, so then you would turn this website as a new sites to do, will be the keyword of the website and content also changed the correlation, to update the website continued at the same time every day, every day to do outside the chain, so that it can slowly let you love Shanghai net station was included, gradually there will be some


: a website number more than

many novice webmaster in the construction site before and have not been well investigated, think the site built up, it is easy to profit, but when their hard work to construct the website after the success, but found that the original money is not so simple, so will the site keywords change, or will change the layout of the web site again but I don’t know, this is often made of the taboo search engine, if your site in a short time last revision or change the keywords, then this site is the coefficient of K could reach two hundred percent, so when you find that the site is K, do you have to think about it before the revision of the

were optimized by black hat or cheating way

with the frequent changes in the search engine algorithm, in every update to love Shanghai when there will be a few happy tears of the problem, this site has been recently a lot of love Shanghai down the right, believe in the future is love Shanghai right down this phenomenon will continue, and will become more and more frequent, so we reason it is necessary to love right down the site of Shanghai must learn to analyze, and then to be able to find specific solutions, first we will talk about what causes the site to drop right

just learned Shanghai dragon new optimization, when optimizing website often pay attention to the efficiency, often there will be excessive optimization problems, such as keyword stuffing, the chain too much, no 404 pages, for these cases, it must make the website content seriously, the chain should be reduced, at the same time to update some the high quality of the content of the article is

the light of day! ranking!


four: website security problems


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