July 31, 2021

How to deal with the hearsay love Shanghai next week second times k

Seventh, buy the chain >


second, Links

this announcement is about love Shanghai new tool chain, anti chain, keyword ranking and so a collection of advice posted, we have been in love before the sea K storm, but forget the love that love Shanghai Shanghai announcement "little secret", before the contents of the announcement about the whole meal garbage bring the "6.28 and black Friday, we have no reason to do this from Shanghai’s official love weight, chain, chain development tools that the next step will love Shanghai according to its K tools to our website

third, forum posting replies (including links and posts in the forum signature)

maybe next week!

sixth, B2B platform product information chain

fifth, classified information platform

First, the formation of ?

was a senior webmaster group inside listen to people say "love" will be in Shanghai next week to search new things, then see the prawns: love micro-blog Shanghai second large-scale K station in


from the micro-blog can be seen: have prawn give us "direction", still think it is quite reasonable, because the love of Shanghai K station is the main content in the last of this one, second K stations are likely in the chain, we will see a notice of love the official of the sea.

still think: love Shanghai second large-scale K station will come sooner or later, we can see: since the love of Shanghai 6.28 and "black Friday" both love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot update or release and capture new attitude and treat greatly different from before, as the Chinese biggest search engine, whether you feel it good or not, how it is to be restored to upgrade and update the previous algorithm, the new algorithm can’t have every day, every night a station is k

the first to talk about the construction of the chain now several ways:



how are we going to do?

fourth, a blog (third party blog)

as a webmaster is not easy, do not know the hearsay is accurate or not, do not know now know this news is good or bad, so we must think of ways to deal with the love of Shanghai recently last "ventilation"


remember some time ago to see an article which mention Shanghai statistics to install love master is a time bomb, because the love of Shanghai will understand that your website through statistical data, such as PV, bounce rate and so on! What is this? This is your website user experience data

if you fall in love with the sea is really according to a chain of K station

soft Wen contribute reproduced the chain

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