August 5, 2021

Keywords category and design skills

from rival angle

first, consider the

first, core product, enterprise, industry, services, etc. some website name or some attributes and characteristics of the name of the vocabulary. For example: slimming tea, × ×, × × network company.

from the user’s point of view

refers to the degree of competition in the search after the same keyword page number.

The Keywords:

correlation: refers to the page content and keyword search by keywords the matching degree.

third, the long tail word is not generally soft, but also can through the search link to the content of the corresponding soft, bring the flow of words is soft. But this kind of word is long, may be composed of several words or phrases. For example: XX XX acupuncture slimming slimming tea, recommendation. Want to design good keywords, first to understand what is the keywords and several related definitions. Understand these, you can have a comprehensive understanding of key words, in order to design a good keyword.

key words: a word or a few words in the search engine input, then ordered the search engine to search to the results you want for you, this will eventually open the results you want page words as keywords. Keywords general for products, services, business, website, etc.. Key words can have one, also can have more than one.


the enemy awareness second rule: not only to understand the user, but also understand what keywords used by peers and competitors, can be.

second, auxiliary core keywords synonyms, explain and supplement some expansion of the core keywords some words more clearly. For example: × × ×, × company profile; network characteristics.

keyword density: also known as the keyword frequency, it is said that compared to the frequency and other words in the text, the higher the frequency, the greater the density. Keyword density is usually expressed as a percentage.

here are several ways to talk about how to set the key words.

Keywords: The

second, consider


enemy we can. First, from the user’s thinking, to the choice of words, pay attention to the accumulation of user search terms used.

keyword is through the search for specific words can be connected to the connection, you want to find the products and services, enterprises and press a group of words. Keywords are usually divided into core keywords, auxiliary keywords, long tail word; and in the search engine, it can be divided into general and special keywords keywords.

has very important significance for soft Wen, only the selected keywords, select the keywords, it can improve the soft search rankings. So, the design of key words is very important.

Keywords: Keywords:

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