July 31, 2021

The website search engine optimization problems may cause an accident

keyword, is a good practice in the past Shanghai dragon optimization, as long as the accumulation of a large number of keywords in the site, no matter how the reader’s user experience, as long as the amount of ranking will naturally go up. But now the search engine more and more development of humanity, the wrong strategy is no longer in use, so that if you thought the Shanghai Dragon technology still stays in a few years ago you are out. But there are some exceptions, please see the following:

many times owners tend to ignore some invalid HTML errors, but the optimization of Shanghai dragon is a potential hazard. For example: < a href=" 贵族宝贝 " > cf110< address; /a> was written in < a href=" " > 贵族宝贝 address; 110 of this label is not closed, when the search engine to crawl the page will be what kind of results.

High density


recently broke off some of the key materials, packing was basically a few different domain all point to a web site called "jewelry nest", ranking is superior. But today, those other domain name included disappeared, but the third is still a key site not to pile up like a mountain hand, people have to reflect.

two: the hidden text and hyperlinks

sometimes see some Adsense said "what is the best optimization optimization", in fact, in some cases is not without reason. Not easy to bring the optimization problems for the optimization of the website, so that the network into the search engine in the rule of "unfriendly" list, after an accident. Many of the primary owners are often blind to the search engine optimization, but eventually ask "why not his website optimization ranking will be very high?" not excessive in order to optimize the optimization, the best optimization of Shanghai dragon often comes from life, starting from the user, from the content of solid foundation is the best optimization strategy the. If only the search engine ranking rules and do optimization, may this year rules apply, your ranking will be very high, but when the algorithm changes the site site optimization which decide on what path to follow? An accident will bring hidden trouble for website? This paper discusses the following:

Keywords: high density

three HTML


is a smart, hidden text and hyperlinks in the web page itself can improve keyword density, but does not affect the appearance, the chain hidden hyperlink can publish their own white state in other sites. However, you want to get the others did not, it is fatal in the search engine rules, often a lot more primary webmaster website promotion, lower ranking, even by the K off, whether the thought of such factors in

error: invalid

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