August 4, 2021

The new case analysis how to spend short time period love Shanghai

second: the use of pseudo original acquisition + enrich website content

: > Third

now is the era of belonging to the Internet era, this era has also spawned a number of new sites, almost every day there will be new born and loved Shanghai and other search engines. But not all of the new sites are so lucky can be quickly included, some new sites may be due to the weight or do stand when there are some problems, which through the love of Shanghai time, will not be a short period of time to be included in Shanghai love.

believes that many webmaster will love this tool is quite familiar with the Shanghai statistics, this tool is love Shanghai special for Adsense site traffic statistics and developed their own authority, of course so many webmaster will allow all doubt, at the site of a line is installed on it. But I think this approach is wrong, love is the principle of statistics Shanghai, Shanghai statistical code installed on love, love Shanghai spiders will become more frequent and more deep crawling your site to get traffic information, which is equal to the real situation of the whole website exposure in Shanghai love eyes. This is tantamount to love Shanghai spider on your assessment requirements become more stringent, if your website does not qualified, the content quality is not high, the spider will love Shanghai love Shanghai period of time at a glance, and may be extended to a new station. The author in the hands of the station is on the line after a month to install love Shanghai statistics, because the author believes that the railway station not what traffic flow statistics are not necessary, and the love of Shanghai statistics may lead to aggravate love Shanghai for your requirement of installation, so it is not good for installation.

: the first line railway station within a month try not to install love Shanghai statistics

now the reason share with you, this is how the new station can be performed in a short time period. Through the love of Shanghai.

now the chain has passed, but many webmaster think outside the chain is more important than the content, so a new on-line chain everywhere to website of all kinds, but this effect is not great, but also love Shanghai the time will not be shortened. The author introduces the new, early and not too much the chain release, but rather to focus on the content of the website on filling. Considering the author’s personal ability and limited time, the author did not take too much of the original content, but take the acquisition + pseudo original way to fill the contents of the site, and to achieve timing, quantitative update. This advantage is able to easily make web content to a certain amount, also can let the spider love Shanghai more easy and rapid recognition of your website, but also shorten the time of love Shanghai.

of course, there are also some new sites with reasonable optimization and can quickly go through the love of Shanghai, such as the case website to introduce today is so, the railway station only 19 days through the observation period of love in Shanghai, and has a good ranking:

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