August 1, 2021

100 education into K12 Gong Haiyan three business and suspendedGarbage station magical 8 strokes h

website construction began collecting a large number of suggestions can be collected about 200 articles, articles, etc. sh419 included, added several articles to see, if added included faster, spider often during your website, then congratulations, you can batch collection. Note that if the article is too large, it should be collected in batches and not concentrated for a period of time. Collect about the same time, rely on human flesh to add article, tired, but the effect is good, does not require a N to add many articles, but requires regular updates, usually two times a week update on it, one about 10 articles about. Now many garbage stations are built after months or even more than a year without updating, which makes them very easy to be K.

from the search engine that get more traffic, so the personal webmaster hard to create garbage station, a station time garbage everywhere, enter a keyword in any search engine, there will always be of the same content sites, but also rely on the basic station do popular keywords started, trash can also make money in the short term but, in the long run, a lot of garbage station did not consider so much. In fact, if the station is clever, the garbage can also have a stable and long-term way to make money.

for offline institutions, embracing the Internet is the trend of the next line of agencies. Jia Lang has analyzed, the impact of online education to traditional education institutions, promote educational institutions rather than care-laden, online education, as it is the emergence of the Internet, the traditional industries and the internet collective concern, and the suitable degree of higher education has become the biggest profit, the use of the Internet, convenience, and low cost the user’s habits, playing traditional education institutions but to turn now, is caused by the environment.

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as we all know, K12 kindergarten, through, twelfth, grade, kindergarten to high school online education is the direction of the company’s strategic development. IResearch data show that in 2013 China online education market reached 83 billion 970 million yuan, is expected to around 2014-2017 compound annual growth rate of 20%, online education is the fastest growing segments, the proportion will be increased from 7.4% in 2013 to 12.2%, reached 21 billion 150 million yuan. 100 education experience in the TOEFL free IELTS intensive products of temper and reputation, no accident will be the next move in the field of K12.

section also discussed here to do some supplement: don’t capture a station, do not completely copy his classification, it is best to adjust, can each station pick and collect some, integration. In the collection process, you can properly modify the collection rules, the title of the hands and feet, adding prefix what of course, this does not necessarily line, so that you can avoid a keyword, N, more articles.

2, content update model for garbage station

but as the 100 education director Liu Yujun has repeatedly stressed that the ultimate goal of 100 education has become an online education platform, while the operator is not the curriculum itself, thus the line agencies join the 100 essential education new strategic core is actually launched open platform, but because the first for K12 to attract more outside of the eye. According to Liu Yujun introduction, the 100 Education announced open online education platform, PC, iOS, Mac will support OS and Android operating system, open the products involved in real-time interactive live electronic classroom, homework system, school management system, after-school class rings. At the same time, 100 new business model for the education field of K12, will first be the excellent organization of YY education and curriculum segment moved to 100 education platform, will be through the development of curriculum, teacher training, capital cooperation and other supporting policies, to attract more outstanding external K12 education institutions.


4, about the use of precious existing traffic

never do the hottest, the most popular, do more people, flow faster, go faster. If you do it in the short run, it doesn’t matter; but if you want to do it for a long time, it’s better to choose a less popular one. Unpopular, although traffic increases a little slower, but stable, and if selected. Traffic will probably rise and stabilize at a good level, with a proper theme.

1, garbage collection topic:

in helping Adsense joint development web game aspect, bubble play web game joint operation platform u>

3, about collecting

yesterday, dormant for a period of 100 gave a big education launched an open platform strategy, and the first for K12 open field. The news came out, many people will think of 100 education began to hit a son in the preparation of the only object from the New Oriental, Global IELTS etc. for a good future, science, and even the giant new Oriental, but the first thought is to jump in my mind just launched that a good network of MS. Gong Haiyan first, K12 open platform 100 education also is not good for her, but that a good network is bound to live K12 to play the main business suffered a fatal blow, the Helen of Troy life is really a little bitter.

attract to flow, but also to precipitate the flow, which requires your station has enough sticky. For example, how to increase the user’s browsing frequency, how to activate the lost user, how to increase the interaction between channels, etc.. How to make the traffic flow between these websites, and how to let users interact between different channels of the website, these are the key to make good content and make good use of the existing traffic. As far as I’m concerned, the pattern I stick to is community and web game integration, and I’ve always believed in persistence.

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