July 31, 2021

Only CPS main line on Shanghai’s advertisingSwably go to the center application sharing community de

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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Swably is one such application that allows application users to share, comment, socialize and discover the latest Android applications. If you’re a developer, you’re better able to publish apps and communicate directly with users to get more feedback.

type: CPS

3, to February 29th, the number of orders the most effective production site will also receive high-end electronic products provided by Shanghai net value of 500 yuan a gift.

Swably interface design and Twitter or other social networking site is not very different, but the former is a focus on the application and human products.

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uses Swably to share and discover interesting applications, you need to register your account to get all the features of the application, or you’ll have to browse and download the application. Users can log in using Facebook, Twitter, shlf1314+, and Sina micro-blog restricted to the Chinese version. In addition, developers need to comply with community rules, such as making sure that you don’t upload paid apps unless you’re a developer of these applications.

unique alliance

is worth mentioning is that Swably is a social networking site by the application developer Dennis Wu Chinese and Alex Liao development, this application is currently in many China local stores are able to download, users can also download directly in Play Store.

. The data return mechanism: real-time return

AppAware Appsfire and the extent of their foreign counterparts, Dennis said: "they allow.

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. The settlement period:

Swably allows developers to publish applications directly, and, of course, a valuable description that is taken for granted, and other users can download it directly. When users find interesting applications through "attention" and "information flow", they will be able to download it directly and then share it across other social networking sites.

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Dennis indicates that Swably is a very centralized application platform that is very similar to Twitter. "You can just skip the information stream and find something interesting," he says. "In addition, Swably is a platform that allows developers to communicate directly with users.". Although Play Store already has 700 thousand applications, how many of them can you find? We want Swably to be able to assemble more excellent developers and get more downloads."

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. The Commission: according to the different classification of goods effective sales of 0.3-3% into

reminder: because Shanghai Station commodity variety and product updates faster, some new goods or because of channel adjustment, may cause a portion of the goods temporarily not recorded corresponding commission ratio the total order is returned to normal, to the end of the month data check, the unified calculation and return the corresponding data.

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Store, both in China or other parts of the world, similar to the Android APP application Android market or exchange shop has been everywhere, so you can hardly distinguish the different market. But what if you can communicate with the developers who build the application?

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