August 4, 2021

On net profitEntrepreneurs must see how to evaluate business models making money is the last word



is my idea of what the problem is?? the experienced comrades can not


I know a lot of people like to hit my face with examples like Jingdong and Amazon —

for the first time in Admin5 published articles, but also hope you correct me

Part 1: increasing revenue

What does The situation mentioned above in


Abstract: although such as Jingdong, like Amazon well-known listed companies, is still at a loss or losses based, but the annual revenue size, user scale is growing, which makes investors and creditors are full of confidence for the future, I believe it can in the future profitability, and bring high returns.

can only occur under the injection of external capital, but now the venture capital is taking on this role. Of course, after the listing of entrepreneurs, will certainly be concerned about the heart, "if you can not dilute the equity, how good," so there are "venture capital + bank loans" joint injection model.

of course, doing so has its own disadvantages, comparing users in each region differently. As far as the country is concerned, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing… There are more students in these cities, relatively speaking, advertising fees are high, but the other places are relatively less

, the SNS community has been pretty hot lately. Maybe it’s Facebook’s butterfly effect, but how does the community make a profit?

revenue consist of? Any industry, any enterprise revenue can be abstracted into:


in such a simple equation, there are only two answers: one is to increase revenue Raise Revenue, and the other is to reduce costs Cut, the, Cost,.

in the country, I often play 51 and school, 51 to my feeling is more and more " " school style is still, as if there is no good profit model, has been followed Facebook walk….


I think this profit model should be a lot of people think very early, but why do very few websites do so,

, when discussing business models and judging how feasible their idea is, can be judged in a number of ways. Here is a method based on the PL Loss, Profit&. In fact, in the process of employment, I found that this method applies to VC projects, entrepreneurs innovation, business logic.

there are many people who love with burn O2O, financial products such as lending treasure to hit my face, but you can easily find these burn means is still in order to obtain the users, expand the scale, to further explore the profit model.

the profitability of the school, I want to be able to advertising regionalization, as we look at shlf1314 Advertising, advertising in different places is different, as can do on campus. Just like in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, the ads are different in different places technology should not be difficult to achieve. Because advertising in large sites like the school on such cost should be amazing, but if she is divided into dozens of areas to do, so small brand can advertise on large sites, if the line do good, I think that the total advertising costs doubled is not a problem.

strictly speaking, the market share serves the income. As a result, the problem faced by entrepreneurs becomes: can they create higher income at lower cost in the industries involved?

Jingdong, such as Amazon well-known listed companies, is still at a loss or losses based, but the annual revenue size, user scale is growing, which makes investors and creditors are full of confidence for the future, that it can make it profitable in the future twist, and bring high returns, but in the long run no doubt, the ultimate goal is the net profit of these enterprises.

first brings us back to the most basic logic of business: income cost = profit. All businesses are for the purpose of profit, its survival consideration is whether to create profits, and can be achieved even in favor of capital talent shows itself, is listed, can lower cost to create more revenue, achieve higher profits.

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