August 4, 2021

Can the 35 year old man succeed in Silicon ValleyThe principles of the sale of rice

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said, he founded Wikipedia when just 35 years old. He believes that young people’s great success in Silicon Valley is a small probability event, but now the outside world always think that is normal.

mobile social applications WhatsApp founder Jan Koum said that he was 33 years old birthday when the WhatsApp registered as the company. He joked that he didn’t know he was only two years old and was out.

, a Quora, has a similar view. He even thinks that in Silicon Valley, at the age of 35, he’s already been at the top of his career. So he asked a question: what do Silicon Valley people plan to do when they are 35 years old? Many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs answer the question. It’s interesting that many of them are already over 35.

video company Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said that he created when Netflix was 37 years old at that time, Netflix also provides only DVD delivery service, and when Netflix started doing when the video stream, he is 47 years old. He felt there was nothing wrong with starting a business after the age of 35, but he didn’t stay up late when he was young.

Silicon Valley is a place where the Internet wonders. Because Silicon Valley brings together a large number of start-up companies and young entrepreneurs, it makes people feel that Silicon Valley is a paradise for young people.

1. When you sell a domain name, talk about a domain name. Don’t list your other domains

here, by the way of domain name list. Many people add me to buy domain names, most of them will let me give him a list of domain names to see, often some people just want to see a comparison, or reference only, but also do not look at the deal. So, I usually do three domain name list, respectively: wanted to sell the domain name which add on, the high price of the fine domain name list, a single display page no name on it, just write the name, contact

Then the

three list function:

General wanted to sell the domain name list: This is the list you want to sell, the price cheap domain name, also in the upper column, so the list is used to deal with some friends or just want to see the same friends playing in the domain name.

music service Pandora founder Tim Westergren said he also founded the company at the age of 35. He thinks the age of thirty or forty is a good time to start a business because the entrepreneur already has a mature job, a life experience, and a lot of energy.

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