August 3, 2021

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series of figures is the surge of innovation and entrepreneurship in israel. As Buffett said, "if you come to the Middle East to search for oil, please don’t stop in Israel.". But if you search for your mind, energy and integrity, Israel is your only destination.

risk fund reform

data source: IVC, Research, Center

Privatization of

in September, I went to a local private enterprise and worked as a after sales engineer. My manager said that he chose me because I was a native 96 years ago when I came to the city with my father, and two because I was very practical and suited to the technical field.

when I was little, which belongs to the unruly and delicious type. At that time popular sericulture, and sometimes the family will give a 12 Fen Mao change, let us buy mulberry leaves, I used to buy leek silk to eat. Then steal some leaves from my cousin and feed my silkworms. Other people’s Silkworm fat began to spin, my silkworms grow smaller, or black, but also cocoon.

I am 30 years old, 7 years of Undergraduate Education regular college, living in a rich small city around Guangzhou. I am a very ordinary person, ordinary salary work in private enterprises this year to manager level, plain so no girlfriend, ordinary family father is an engineer, now has about 100000 cars, a suite, a downtown facade, a number of funds, some stocks, some futures, add up to about 2 million or so.

"affected by geographical factors, in the unstable relationship of neighboring countries, the biggest characteristic of Israel’s start-up companies is that they want to face the global market and attract overseas capital at the beginning."." Gu Kewen, author of the Catalyst- Valley fund and the Cukierman investment group, has been involved in investment in Israel’s technology, manufacturing and health care, says Gu Kewen, author of the Israel valley.

said I steadfast, I agree, I do things more subtle details, but inside, I still flowing Hunan daring nature. To add, I’m from Hunan, Changsha. In the University, I put years of savings money, invest an old classmate open mineral water company, 3 people share, I don’t need to take care of, take 30% of the shares. Company to the end of 2000, slightly profitable, but it is difficult to do big, and then I returned out, the principal plus dividends totaling 50 thousand yuan, slightly earned. Well, that’s my first investment.

to encourage investment, the Israeli government promised not to interfere with the fund

was founded in 1992, the government invested 100 million U. S. dollars to set up wholly state-owned companies, on this basis, the establishment of a number of subsidiaries and the introduction of foreign capital. According to Gu Kewen introduction, in general, a $20 million sub fund, to hold 40% of the shares, the European and American investors holding 60%.

in July 2000, I graduated from a non well-known University of technology, bachelor’s degree in automation design. But the work is not easy to find, a professional is more popular, the two is the school is well-known, more important is the ability to express my stuttering was not too good, more powerful, and now my speed is relatively slow, and some of a hurry. Later, I read Jack Wilson’s autobiography to know, he also some stuttering, his mother so comfort him: stuttering because your brain reaction is too fast, the language can’t keep up. Of course, there are lucky, a student into Nortel, just go in, the monthly salary is 10 thousand. This is an astronomical figure in my eyes.

in this rich era, millionaires can be said everywhere, Mark Tuweng’s "millions of pounds" can make people crazy, I can’t afford to buy a million metropolis of harmonious society in the house. But the money came out so common that I wanted to write it and share it with my friends as usual.

in Silicon Valley, the development of high-tech benefits from the four major investment banks and developed private investment markets, compared to the development of the U.S. financial industry, Israel’s venture capital history is not long. Before the 80s of last century, due to geopolitical turmoil and other factors, the government implemented financial control, until 90s, after Israel’s political and security environment improved, venture investment has been rapid development.

for the development of domestic venture capital industry, in 1993 the Israeli government launched the YOZMA program, mainly for the existing business in the process of entrepreneurial enterprises financing channels and shortage of entrepreneurial companies lack of complementary assets and skills such as systemic risk.


I still station at the mouth of the alley where Luo Xiji grandmother her fried cake, see the slobber blowing in the wind, at last she could not bear, send me a. At that time, I was a chubby little fat man, more lovely. I also have ADHD. I like to tie the girls’ hair on the chair in front of class, and then I hope to get up after class. So in the eyes of my family, I grew up worrying about the future.

Behind the

population accounted for only 0.2% of the total population of the world, it was the birth of a 162 Nobel laureates, Nobel prize accounted for 1/5 of the total; 40% of GDP from exports, including information and communication technology accounted for 30% of total exports, technology contribution rate of GDP reached more than 90%; in the number of NASDAQ listed companies, all over Europe in 2012, the level of growth in total; the amount of financing of high-tech industry up to 34% years, about 10% of the high-tech enterprises every year in 2015 the successful financing of the industry’s annual financing amount is up to nearly $4 billion 500 million.

Gu Kewen appears in the high-tech industry is a mainstay of economic growth of Israel, Israel technology as the common language to communicate with other countries, the national level will start complete plans to attract venture capital, founder of the national science and technology incubator to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into products.

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