August 5, 2021

You’re not good at starting a business and looking for a job Taught you how to Wangzhuan

he said, in this population, their IQ and EQ are higher than normal, if coupled with some business acumen, founded the project success probability is naturally higher than ordinary people, so I was more inclined to invest in a high degree of talent project.

do not short-sighted, he. Wangzhuan is profitable, but need to be engaged in the great endurance.

Abstract: sometimes they just invest, I may not help them, and may harm them; know the probability is very small, I do not want to take the risk, whose money is not the wind blowing ah.

in fact, otherwise, these criticisms are caused by the imperfect development of the domestic network business. Developed countries with well-developed information and fast spreading speed. Wangzhuan is listed as one of the century’s most promising industries, protected by law. Many social elites are engaged in this industry. Some of the developed city in China, a group of outstanding "Wangzhuan person" and has "mode and scale of Wangzhuan already exists".

, and Lao Lu says he is mostly accredited.

is a

tea, two small, you observe the friends around you, there is no job Dr., there are poor living conditions of returnees,

does not say that women have children, physiology, psychology, men are different, we can observe each investor, each investment institutions, they certainly are more men than the founder of investment

I think about it. I don’t think so. Old Lou is right.

so he turned into a VC agency to watch the TMT project.

"male dominated project"


Wangzhuan, as the name suggests. It is through the network generally the Internet to achieve the purpose of making money. Wangzhuan is a new industry, is produced with the development of the national electronic industry. The reason why it exists in China and has been developed is because of the vigorous development of the national economy and the internet. It can be said that without the powerful economy of the country in the background, there is no advanced communication technology to support. Wangzhuan is impossible to achieve a qualitative leap in China.

many investors flaunt themselves no longer invest in returnees, doctors, etc., that they are not grounded gas, the theory is a set of, no big future, it is good to do a research.

according to the old Lu said, he participated in the roadshow, basically purely to play, so far no one project is from these road show on the vote often participate in road show business, do not throw bricks.

old Lu analysis, "this is indeed the case, the news reported that the doctor can not find a job, but it does exist, but that is a special case.".

, the old Lu, was the VC, who caught up with the first wave of Chinese Internet in the early years and made a good Internet gadget with some of his buddies and was bought at a high price by BAT.

its production determines its popularity. A major advantage of it, the higher publicity guest, without any money, do not need too many professional knowledge, not limited to working time and place. Men and women, men and women. As long as you can access the Internet, ok. You can use all your online communication, such as language, behavior, email, SMS, MSN/, forums, personal websites, personal blog, podcast, name card, personal letters, posters, leaflets, membership cards etc.. Give publicity to its high-quality educational products. Realize your value in the publicity.

with a high degree of academic qualifications

basically, he shares of the project, are acquaintances and related households introduced, including some reliable professional FA, at least do not do their own preliminary screening, quality assurance.

Wangzhuan is fair and economic profit, it regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality and cultural background. As long as you understand the theory of network operations and information dissemination, and grasp the actual operation. You can take on this line of business. Many users think it is a difficult thing to engage in Wangzhuan in China. Wangzhuan the impression is: for some businesses do not send advertising information, the quality and function of product and exaggeration, email, website, web pages and other places to achieve the bombing of communication. Disrupt normal network order.

in addition to publicity for some well-known enterprises, you can also build your own website or forum. Advertising is charged on top of that. Or apply for a professional online shopping platform for businesses to provide product services and information. Collect the corresponding fees. These are not ready-made, need you to accumulate slowly. Especially to long engaged in Wangzhuan people, more to be tolerant.

old Lu is the main founder, with the majority of shares, which sold to get 2 hundred million of the cash, but also a lot of shares.


and new young often stay up late to work overtime, he usually is everywhere, the platform to cast project station, strings of each platform held by dig roadshow, there is no suitable investment projects.

Ms. Luo Mingxiong, who recently invested in Beijing’s capital Island, said that women generally do not vote for

after years of thinking, he also summed up a set of his own investment philosophy, in his own words – quite learned.

, for example, Shanghai asked the school’s "propaganda guest"".

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